Friday, July 9, 2010

Gint-A-Cuffs Video Box Break Part Two

Okay I've mumbled my way through part two of my box break.

I moved the camera a little closer and their are a few scans of cards. I really need to work on the enunciation thing.

Here's the pack scoring.

Pack 5
Avery Jenkins
Chris Tillman
Beltran Favorite team +1 point
Mike Leake
David Price
Daric Barton SP +2
Nick Johnson A&G mini 2 - 1 Yankee = 1 point
TDIH Miguel Tejada +1

5 Points

Pack 6
Troy Glaus SP +2
V. Martinez
Longoria +1
Robert Scott Negro Leaguer + 2
WSS4 Worlds Saltiest Sailors + ??
TDIH Oritz +1 FP +1 = 2

7 Points (so far)

Pack 7
Hoard &Rory
F. Gutierrez
Chipper Jones
Jered Weaver SP +2
Chris Young BB mini +3
Code AD Card
TDIH Butler +1

6 Points

Pack 8
B. Webb
Tom Knapp
Billy Butler
Pierzynski -1
Gomez SP +2
Willingham A&G mini +2
TDIH Shields +1

4 Points

Pack 9
H. Ramirez FP +1
Ryan Zimmerman
Josh Beckett
Kuroda SP +2
Da Vinci mini
TDIH Sabathia +1 -1=0

3 Points

Pack 10
Wade Davis
Brian Roberts
Youkilis FP +1
Pena SP +2
Matt Holliday Mini MY Favorite Player +5
Code Ad Card
TDIH Adam Jones +1 FP +1 = 2

10 Points

84 points so far after almost half the box. This isn't looking good. I'm still waiting on some rulings for two of the cards that I pulled so maybe that'll bump up some more points.

I guess 84 points aren't too bad. I'm comparing it to last year when the high scores were in the 300's. I'm not sure if anybody has really run away with it yet.


night owl said...

Meet the Mets! Awesome!

That worked better. You've got more points than I do with one less pack opened.

beardy said...

Dude, you are killing it so far! The Saltiest Sailors and the Celestial Stars are both one-per-case, and you pulled them in the same freaking box!

The Commish has some work to do, but if it were up to me, both of those would be worth pretty big points.

Jeremy said...

@night owl: I thought theme music might improve the video. I think I might have edged you out a little bit so far, but who knows how it'll end.

Beardy, I'm really glad that I'm pulling a wide variety of minis, so I can't complain. I agree that those should be worth something big, but that ain't up to me. Pulling those two minis probably explains why I haven't pulled any other hits. That may be all I pull in this box.