Wednesday, May 19, 2010

nerd shopping

No, I actually wasn't looking to buy any new nerds. One nerd is enough for this household. I had to go nerd supply shopping this evening. Actually I had to hole up in my house for a while until all the tornadoes passed over Norman.

I have a problem with procrastination as well as loosing interest in things and picking them up later. One of these things is trying to get my comic book and card collections organized.

As you can tell I still need a lot to do in the organizing department. My "man cave" is not really lookin' too good right now. This is actually the cleanest part of this room. It houses all of my 16mm film, 35mm film, cards, photos, drawings and comic books.... as well as regular books, some old clothes, media guides and camera equipment. I'll start with the little things like cards and comics and work my way up from there.

Anyway, the vintage stock place has cards, card supplies as well as comic book stuff and video games and used dvds. Basically a bunch of stuff that you don't really need, but think that you do.

Looking into the counter the first thing I noticed that they were still selling 2008 Stadium Club football. Cool, and only $19.99 per pack! I couldn't believe it. I've only seen those in blasters at Walmart and Target. Needless to say I didn't pick up any of those packs. Especially not for just six cards. I don't care what auto or relic is supposed to be in the pack.

But I did see something pretty cool. Actually 3 somethings.

I really wanted to pick up a pack each of Chicle Football and Baseball. I saw the packs of baseball, but decided to pick up the two cabinet cards instead. When I saw the 3-1 Heritage boxloader I picked it up too. I've heard tales of bloggers having store owners setting aside boxloaders and other cool cards, but that will never happen at this place. It's too corporate so I'm not sure they do that. The traditional card shop dude probably has his regulars and I don't go in there enough for him to remember me.

So you can imagine that I was pretty happy to pick up these three "packs". I'm not completely sold on either 2010 Heritage or either of the Chicles. I like them, but I don't really love them either so this will give me a chance to check them out.

I'm sort of on a cabinet card kick anyway these days because I won some 2009 Allen and Ginter cabinets on ebay recently and they will look nice in the binder. Cabinet card sized pages were one of the other things that I picked up at the store tonight.

Let's start with Heritage:

Not too bad. Sepia toned Heritage Twins. Actually Heritage triplets of Twins or something like that.

Okay. A little better. A player I like,but I'm not a big Lempa fan. He's the guy responsible for the Nolan Ryan base card that I don't really like too much. The stuff on his website looks pretty cool though, just not the two Chicles that I've seen.

Seaver looks a little demonic here,but I like the bigger painted card.

Woah! This is a lot nicer. I really like the artist's take on Sisler.

Their is a nice little write-up on the back of the player and artist. Ya'll have probably seen this already on a Pack to be Named Later,but anyway here's another one.

According to the back he threw a lob to himself! Dude's pretty fast.

Not quite the fun of opening packs with multiple cards, but still fun to see what's going on with the cabinet cards. I'm open to any trades for these. I'm not really too keen on keeping any of these. I'm kind of partial to the Sisler card, but if somebody else is looking to collect these, let me know. Part of me wants to keep them, but part of me wants to find them a better home.

Thanks for reading.


Play at the Plate said...

Hey Jeremy, good to see a post! I sympathize with your "organization" or lack thereof.

I like the Mauer Heritage whatever that is. If no one else stakes a claim on it, I'll see if I can find something for you.

Jeremy said...

I've been procrastinating about posting too. I still have time to read the blogs, but not do my own posts.

I'll set aside the 3 in 1 heritage thing for you. It has some facts about the twins stadium and players on the back.