Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The value of a good trade

I received some pretty cool cards in the mail from Brian at Play at the Plate. He always sends me pretty cool cards, and this time they had a definite Oklahoma flavor.

First up is a couple of former OU greats Rocky Calmus and Roy Williams.

They are pictured here in their rookie cards with the logos of their nfl teams. I don't believe these two are in the league anymore, but I love getting their cards in the mail.

It took me a while to realize that their were no OU or NCAA logos on these cards. Doesn't really matter to me. I still like them. I pride myself on being able to pick out little details in photographs and it took me a while to notice that Rocky's jersey is just a Tennessee Titans jersey painted red.

I can never seem to pull any former OU players. I'm wondering if pack searchers have developed an infra-red system for searching out players in crimson and cream.

I've seen cards like these in the card shop. I hate to sound like a cheap skate, but unlicensed cards of former players aren't really worth 9-15 dollars per card.

Having said all that I still really, really like the cards. Especially since that's the only card I have of Roy "Superman" Williams in an OU uniform.

Here's where the Superman nickname comes from. Close your eyes Longhorn fans.

I really shouldn't embed anti-Longhorn videos in a post about OU, but I can't help it. It seems that every video on youtube has OU/Texas highlights or lowlights whichever way you want to look at it on their website.

Here's a really nice card of Juaquin. I'm guessing by the empty stands and green and gold t-shirts that it's at a Baylor game. Poor Baylor.

A couple of nice Press Pass cards. I only opened one blaster of this. I didn't pull any cool autos. I pulled a few OU guys, but I didn't get these two cards. These are pretty nice, except that Bradford's card is obviously from last season when he was injured. I'm really hoping everything works out for him in the NFL.

Gerald McCoy's eyes look really fierce in his card.

A couple of Thunder players in their pre-Thunder jerseys. Earl is a Pacer now.
I'm thinking that Fleer baseball and basketball might be something that I need to check out more. Brian has been posting up lots of cool Fleer Ultra cards lately.

The Sonics logo and jersey color scheme is really nice. It sucks the way teams are moved and sold to other cities. I'm glad that we have an NBA team though. I was really surprised the way the season went last year. I wish we had been more patient and tried to buy out George Shinn for the majority ownership of the Hornets. It would've been a lot less creepy to keep the Hornets than to take over another cities' team.

Pretty good player that got dogged a bit in the local sports media early on. Ended up with a pretty nice season. Goes to show that maybe the talking heads should have a little patience when evaluating people. Nice looking card too. I like Westbrook and Durant the best. I really hope Durant stays around a long time. He'll only get better.

Thanks again for the cards. I'll try to get to my trade posts a lot sooner next time. I've been a bad procrastinator for a few months now.

Thanks for reading!


Play at the Plate said...

No problem Jeremy. I hope everything is going great up in OK!

Jeremy said...

Everything's cool here! I hope everything is good with you and yours. I'll have some more stuff to send in a while.