Monday, October 4, 2010

inspiration from south florida

As most of you know, our favorite blogger Marck from the Collective Troll blog is a very verbose character. His posts are almost always long and insightful, but never boring. I can't say the same for my own posts, but that's my own cross to bear. When I got my part of the cheap box break in the mail the other day I couldn't believe the amount of cards in that little box. I should have known by the weight of the box that there would be a bunch of cards. It felt like a little brick. A little brick of awesomeness!

I don't think I have it in me to do a Troll-sized post so I'll hit the highlights.

First off the bizarre pack of Space shots Series 3. 8 cards per pack.
I think it's pretty funny that they have a series three of this set. Really? They couldn't fit the entire checklist into one or two series? They had to add in another series. I'm joking, I really do like the oddball stuff. These cards will go nicely in the binder with all the non-sports stuff.

Play at the Plate already beat me to the punch by posting up his pack. I still want to show off a couple of cards that I thought were interesting.

First off the Soyuz 19 from Apollo.
Pretty cool shot when you think about it. Sort of like the cell phone pics people take outside a plane, but obviously much cooler.

"I wish I would've pulled a Yuri G!. It's just the things that she does to me."
I didn't, but I pulled a Yuri V. Close enough. He has really cool hair so that makes up for it.

I'm not sure if Yuri Gagarin was in this issue or not. I always loved P.J. Harvey in the late '90's and this song was one of my favorites:

It's Yuri G from the album 4-track demos. If you couldn't tell earlier that was me rewriting the lyrics to fit the mood of this post.

Here is a card of the first female EVA Savitskaya.

Pretty nifty shot as well.

The bulk of the package was from the nineties and their is no better example of the nineties than this card of Bobby Bonilla.

It looks like Kid 'n Play invited Skreech to a House Party, they all got drunk and came up with this card design.

I'm almost certain I have had some school binder with this same design in high school. The photo itself is pretty cool though.

The back is nice too. I like cartoon backs.

Here's a 1995 Stadium Club card of Jeff Kent labeled "Dug out Dirt". Weird.

But again, the back is nice. This time a bigger cartoon.

I'm guessing this is a minor league issue of some sort from the Jacksonville Suns. It's also from the '90's(notice the big 1 9 9 2 letters across the top of the card), but the old photo from the '60's saves it from looking too 90's ish.

This is one of my favorites from this package. This one and the next card are two that still remain in a special place on my desk so that I can display them easily. Eventually they will probably find a place in a binder, but for now I have them out so I can look at them occasionally.

I found a bunch of these Pacific cards online a few months ago. They're thin, but I like the design a lot. It's got an old fashioned look to the layout on the fronts and backs. The older photos of players in their heyday is really nice too.

These Heritage High Numbers are great as I don't have any of these cards. The 1960 is one of the nicest and makes any player look good. I don't even mind the pink, black and white on the Reddon card. It somehow fits.

Lastly, but not least a Heritage Chrome of Gary Sheffield. Shiny is always good. It looks really nice with the other Heritage chrome cards that I have.

I think the only 2007 cards that I own have all come from Marck. He must have opened a lot of 2007 Topps. I haven't pulled a single 2007 card from a pack that I want to keep. Good thing he has a bunch of duplicates to send over.

These two cards look really nice and I didn't have either one. Actually about 90 % of the cards I didn't have yet.

Thanks for hosting the cool break Marck. I know I got a really good deal on the break. I just didn't have the energy to show off all the cards. It was a very generous offer to host the break.

Thanks for reading!


Collective Troll said...

So glad ya liked everything... I really like those Pacific cards, too. That was one of the best packs I ripped. I hope to find more of that someday. Cheers!

Jeremy said...

I loved everything! I just didn't have it in me to post all of them up. Thanks again.

Play at the Plate said...

I got that first female EVA card too. I thought she would be a Russian hottie until I did a bit of research!