Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Respect your elders

I haven't done a vintage Saturday type post for a while so I thought I'd knock one out. I know that technically it's not Saturday, but I've been busy with football season and life stuff. The life stuff is good stuff, not bad stuff. But still, life has a tendency to get in the way though.

This particular post is sponsored by the Topps Million Card Giveaway. I finally got around to having some of my cards delivered. I'm really surprised by how quickly they got here! I think it was late Wednesday night when I ordered them and by Saturday I had them in my hands. I know that there was a least one blogger complaining about Topps not having the cards in stock that they requested. Thankfully I didn't have to go through that.

First up is this card of Skip Pitlock. This was one of the cards that I showed off when the Giveaway was still fresh on people's minds, but now that I have the card in hand I wanted to scan it and show it off again. He looks just as dorky in "person" as he does online, but the card itself is in pretty decent shape. A little miscut, but not much chipping.

I noticed that the 1971 cards are a lot darker compared to other vintage cards. The 1970 cards have those gray borders and they don't call the '72 set the psychedelic tombstone set for nothing.

Maybe it's because I "pulled" this 2007 card out of the bubble mailer right after the Pitlock card, but I think the 1971 and 2007 cards have some similarities. Obviously the black borders, but...

..also on the two cards you can see a box for the players head, albeit much smaller on the '07 than the window on the 1971 card. There is also an absence of a cartoon on both cards. The 1970 and 2006 cards both had cartoons. Hmm. That might be the impetus for another post, but for now I'm just saying their are a few similarities. I guess you can make a case for a lot of the card sets having some similar traits.

Yes, I had a 2007 card set to me. Don't ask me why, possibly I just had a brain freeze. I had about 6 cards that I was on the fence about having sent home, and three of them made it to my house. I probably shouldn't have done that, but oh well. I just can't stand the idea of something that I "own" sitting in some warehouse. I think I still have two cards sitting in the virtual warehouse gathering dust.

This card was a no brainer to have delivered. It's a 1966 Ray Herbert card. Looking at it in person I originally thought it was from 1970.

Side by side you can see the similarities.

The backs of the two sets are similar too. Again, I guess with a little imagination a lot of the card sets could be "similar" in most respects. cartoons, stat lines and player portraits, but these '66 and '70 seem pretty close in a lot of ways. ( for full disclosure I got the Alomar card at a flea market, not the MCG site)

The most colorful and oldest card that I obtained from the Giveaway was this cool Murray card.

It's got all the makings of a vintage card:

1. Miscut? Check!
2. Colorful background Check
3. Confused expression on subject's face Check!
4. Retired franchise Check!

Great card!

The funny thing is that I didn't notice that it was larger than the other cards. This is my first time dealing with a card this old and I forgot that they were of a different size than modern cards. Hopefully this side by side comparison shows off the dimensions better. I didn't realize that their were toploaders that size too. I guess you learn all sorts of stuff from vintage cards.

The cartoon is pretty cool. For some reason I always have an affinity for players who have played in Oklahoma at some point in their career.

This is by far my oldest card in my collection. Pretty nice if you ask me. Thanks for reading and if for any reason somebody else has used the title "respect your elders" in regards to a vintage style post I'm sorry in advance. I didn't try to plagiarize anybody I just thought it was a clever title.


Play at the Plate said...

Very nice additions to the collection Jeremy.

night owl said...

I just placed an order for some of my MCG cards. It'll be my second order. I've still got some in the portfolio that I'd like to have -- just want to see if they can land me some even better cards.

Jeremy said...

I gave up on trading for anything cool. I should probably just take any offers for the remaining cards so somebody else will be happy.