Saturday, November 6, 2010

Trade with Reds and More

I've been a procrastinating blogger these days. I want to blog. I need to blog but I just can't get up the energy to post up anything . I know the world is clamoring for another one of my lengthy trade posts so here goes.

I personally love reading other peoples' trade posts for the simple fact that I want to vicariously live through their card acquisitions. I'm hoping that people will want to live vicariously through my card acquisitions too and see what cool stuff came in the mail.

This selection of cards comes all the way from Bixby, Oklahoma which should easily be the closest blogger to me in proximity.

Cam of Reds and More was advertising a team set giveaway. Like any greedy blogger I jumped at the chance to pick up some Mets cards. I really didn't expect the amount of cards that would be in the box though. The scope of the years and different sets is staggering.

Before Cam I only had a small Mets team set binder. After seeing the box of cards he sent over I went out and got a bigger binder and a lot more pages. It's been easily a month and I still haven't gotten a chance to really go over the entire box and organize everything like I want.

The cards range from vintage to retro to shiny and everything in between. The vintage took me by surprise.

You can probably tell from the photos how many cards he sent over. Actually this is only a small portion of the cards in the box.



...and retro...

Let's start with the vintage.

I have only two '75 Mets cards. Seeing this assortment of vintage cards reminds me that I need to get to the card store and see what kind of cool old cards I can find. This Ted Martinez card was one of 9 cards that Cam sent over. I have this goal to complete as many team sets or complete sets and these cards gives me a good start on the Mets team set.

This is a great indication of the other '75 cards with the cool expression and even cooler facial hair!!

I have about 10 or so cards that I'd like to have from 1974 detailing the world series games between the A's and Mets. Seeing this team card makes me want to try for the whole set.

Let's work our way down to the retro.

I haven't had a chance to see any Cracker Jack cards in person, so this is my first exposure to them. Pretty nice. I think they're nicer looking in person than online. This would be a neat set to try and complete or at least search around for some singles.

This Reyes mini is cool. I have the base card and the mini goes nice with that one. I think I have two of the minis from this set now. I still enjoy seeing the dirt on his jersey in this card.

Lastly some shiny:

Prior to this I didn't have nearly enough shiny in my collection. That's a pretty common theme amongst bloggers though. Everybody could use more chrome. I have a random chrome card or two from this year, but now I'm pretty close to finishing off the 2009 chrome Mets.

A nice selection of Walmart black Mets to go with a couple of others already in the binder.

a bunch of really nice 2008 chrome cards to go with a huge stack of non-chrome base cards from '08. Here's an example of one each of my favorite pitcher Johan Santana.

These two shiny 2007 cards are the first chrome cards from 2007 that I've laid my eyes on.

Cool actions shots make these cards better in my opinion.

All bloggers probably are like me in that we find little things that appeal to us that makes us like a card more than normal. One big reason why I like this card is that it's a "Farmhand Signature" card, but the dude's name is Vineyard. Get it? Oh well. It's sort of a reach, but it amuses me and that's all that matters.

Unfortunately it looks he's retired from baseball. Still it will be a good addition to my unusual names collection.

Another prospect who has done well for the Mets is this guy:

A Just Minors card of David Wright has a slight Heritage feel. The minor league uniform complete with dorky batting gloves set against a minor league stadium background with billboards and pine trees seems more Heritage-y than Heritage. Maybe Topps could pick some old fashion backgrounds to shoot their subjects against.

I still haven't gotten to the Packers cards that he sent over that were much appreciated. Maybe I'll do a part two post to show off the rest of the cards.

I loved the cards Cam! Thanks very much. I'm working on another package to send your way.


BA Benny said...

I am living vicariously through your card acquisitions in this post. You got some nice selection of Mets goodies there. If you happen to have doubled up on any of them let me know and we could work something out.

Jeremy said...

Yeah I should have some doubles I could pass on to you. You might already have them though. I'll look to see what I have.

Cameron said...

Glad you liked them. I'll have to see if I have some new Mets or Packers to send your way again. I haven't opened as much this year but I have opened some '10 Chrome and Topps Platinum Football. I should have some new refractors to send. Thanks again for the box you sent, there was some great stuff in there.