Thursday, January 20, 2011

contest winnings-Smallest Group Break Ever!!

A couple of weeks ago Dayf had a smallest group break ever and I picked the Yankees as well as a few other teams. There are a few older and current Yankees that I like and I was hoping to pick up the Mantle refractor thing.

I won't bore you with all of the cards as he's already
them up on his blog, so I'll just show off the main card that I was interested in:

The cool mantle card.

In his post he mentioned attacking my want lists and that's true, he sent over a bunch of different cards from a variety of my want lists. Let's start off with some more Mantle cards.

With these two checklist cards I'm officially done with the Mantle cards from that set.
Edit: as I was putting these two in the binder I realize that I still need checklist number 7. Crap!!

I've got a couple of 2008 sets I'm working on; Masterpieces and Stadium Club.

This is as good of an example of why I like Stadium Club: A nice horizontal shot. This time a candid shot of a player in front of a huge scoreboard. The most important part of why I like this card is the shadow on A-Rod's lower body. The photographer caught him at a moment when his upper torso is light by sunlight and for me that's pretty cool. I also like the huge Boston scoreboard in the background.

I can't show off an A-rod without showing off another card Dayf sent:

This nice Stadium Club David Wright. I wanted to post this mainly to cleanse the pallet for the next few cards.

Roy Oswalt always seems to have cool action shot cards. I guess most pitchers do.

... and lastly an Ichiro mini!

I'm not putting myself through the anguish of trying for the whole black border mini set this year, I'm only going for a few of the minis that I think are cool. This is one such mini that I was hoping to get. Pretty nice. I've been holding off on looking for these cards from 2010 as I'm still going after the cards from 2009 A&G.

Thanks for hosting the cool box break. Thanks also for knocking some cards off of my wantlist.

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