Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy birthday Mr. Scott

Mr. George Scott pictured below was born on today's date: 3 -23- 44.

Normally I wouldn't do a birthday post, but when I came across the George Scott card the other day I knew that it would make for a good birthday post idea.
Normally these types of posts are the domain of Can't Have Too Many Cards, but I thought he wouldn't mind since it's also happens to be my birthday.

The problem is that I've been out of town and I've been pretty busy so I don't really have much to say about this card. Kind of a let down, but I didn't want the opportunity to go to waste.

I really wanted to do a post on how nice the Red Sox uniforms always look so nice on a card. I think the red letters really stand out on those white jerseys. The blue outline really helps to make the logo appear sharper too. This card isn't a good example of that, although the B logo on the hat really stands out. When I get around to scanning more of my 1973 cards I'll give a better example.

It should also be noted that Mr. Scott shares the same last name as me. Kind of a nice coincidence.

I really don't have much else to say. I did receive a nice early birthday present from Jim Sullivan AKA Suldog. He has a really nice blog wherein he talks about HIS WIFE, sports, politics, music and softball. He's a bass player and a catcher who is also a Red Sox fan.

We completed a trade recently. I sent him over the George Scott card above as well as some other cards he said he was interested in.

Here's a shot of the cards he sent over:

A bunch of 1973 Topps baseball for my set collection! A ton of really nice cards. Nice players, commons, action shots and team cards. Probably close to 200 or so for my set and another 60-70 cards that were nice upgrades to the ones I already had in the binder. I don't have enough time right now to show off the cards individually, but soon I'll be able to scan and show off the nice stuff he sent over.

Check out his blog sometime. It's a good read. I pretty much have retroactively read all of his blog posts from the beginning and he's had a funny and interesting life.


lime said...

visiting via suldog. what a lovely thing you each did for each other.

Craig said...

Well, Suldog sent me over; told me to make the title of yer blog a lie. So, there you go, if that's what you're into.

This is a great story; thanks for sharing.

I'm a lifelong Tiger fan (I was 12 in '68, and that just warped me for life). I was never THAT deeply into my baseball card collection, but still, once I heard that some old cards might actually be worth something, I went back to see what I'd had (I also had a game program from the one game I went to in '68, signed by about 15 Tigers). Only (you've heard this story a million times, I'm sure) to find that my mom had thrown them all out when I left for college. . .

Thanks again. . .

Jeremy said...

Lime: Thanks for the kind words. This is only one of many posts that I'm going to dedicate to Suldog. He sent over way too many cards for just one photo to do it justice.

Craig: Many people have all said the same thing about their mom's throwing away their old cards. In fact last year Topps had a set called "Cards Your Mom Threw Out" and it was a bunch of reprints from the 50's to present. Sad, but true part of any collectors life is losing some of their collections.

Suldog said...

Hey, Jeremy, Happy Birthday! I had no idea I was giving you a birthday present, but I'm glad I did! God bless!

Jeremy said...

It was the best birthday present that I've gotten in a while. Thanks.