Sunday, March 4, 2012

Trade with $30 a week Habit

I envy people with a budget. Hobby budget, entertainment budget, actually any type of budget that allows them to purchase things guilt free anytime they want. I've flirted with budgets before, but I don't really stay with them. That probably explains why I go through big splurges of purchasing things and then long droughts of not having money. I'm getting too old to not allow myself a budget for purchases.

One guy who seems to have a nice budget for his card purchasing habits is Robert from $30 a Week Habit.

We completed a trade quite some time ago and in my usual fashion these days I'm procrastinating too much.

He sent over a bunch of cards mostly knocking off a bunch of A&G cards. I'm sure most of you are tired of seeing and probably collecting last years A&G so I'll keep it brief.

I was drawn to this Ciriaco card because of the cool bat in the cameraman's face pose. Green and yellow look good together too.

I'm not exactly sure why I picked this Jorge shot to show off. More of a candid rather than action shot.

I'm sure I've complained about this before, but there are way too many inserts these days. I don't like it when the inserts infiltrate A&G. I like the subjects in the inserts, it just makes it way too hard to complete all the sets or even the main set. I don't have unlimited funds to make it happen. I'm off the Ebay thing these days so that's out of the question. So it's definitely nice when some inserts show up in the mail.

And lastly, a nice horizontal action shot. I'm contractually bound to show one of these in every post I think.

Thanks for the cards! I hope we can trade again sometime.


Robert said...

Welcome back Jeremy, and my pleasure to have traded with you. Looking forward to another trade in the future..

Jeremy said...

Thanks for the cards. I hope we can trade in the future again too!