Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sketch card trade with the Lost Collector

I've been wanting to do trade sketch cards for a while now, but I could never find anyone who seemed interested in art. Admiring art and art cards, but not actually producing them. Seems like lately there are a few people trying their hand at doing artwork.

I applaud it.

I think it's cool even if people aren't so comfortable or confident in their talents. It's a lot of fun for me most of my life and I wish more people would try their hand at something creative once in a while. I guess writing and blogging is creative, but I mean more with the visual arts.

One guy that you're all familiar with is A.J. at the Lost Collector. I mainly remember him from his quest to collect one Yankee auto from every year of Topps. 1951-2011. Pretty nice collection. I didn't know that he was an artist too. The link above connects to his artwork. Really nice stuff. I don't remember how I came to find out he likes to draw, but I'm glad that I did. I asked him for a sketch card trade.

The card he sent over was a nice addition to my Gary Carter and Sketch card collection.
This card will go in the sketch card binder next to a couple of sketches from Lonestarr and a few that I did myself.

Here's the back.
I don't have a lot of Gary Carter cards so this is nice. Especially considering him passing away last week. Thanks for the card A.J.!

If anybody out there wants to trade sketch cards let me know and we can do this!!

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The Lost Collector said...

Thanks again for the trade! Love the Mantle you sent.