Monday, March 15, 2010

#3 Scoreboards in the Background

Well, technically spring is here and this past weekend is daylight savings time so I guess it's safe to post up another installment of SitB. The reason why I say "safe" is because it depicts a player during a snowy day.

It's been relatively warm in Oklahoma these past few days so its safe to look at a card with a depiction of cold weather.

This is card # 489 from 2006 Upper Deck and I'm guessing this was shot in the spring time.

Brrrr. Just looking at it makes me cold. I think I might have a slight form of S.A.D. I think I'm pretty much the only person that I know that has some form of it. No offense to those who really have S.A.D., but I really, really dislike the cold and overcast skies. Or at least I hate having to do stuff outside on those days. It's really depressing. However, shooting portraits during a cloudy day is actually pretty good. No hard shadows on the face that I have to even out with lights and reflectors.

Back to the card. Keeping with the SitB theme there is definitely a scoreboard. You can't miss it. The dark scoreboard makes the snow stand out better than if it their was a bunch of empty seats in the background. It is spring baseball after all.

You'll notice that even though he's wearing a Nationals uniform he's listed with the A's. Apparently he was the 2003 AL Cy Young award runner up to Roy Halladay while with the White Sox. Loaiza would eventually retire with the White Sox in 2008.

Alright cool. I'm off to enjoy some sunshine and get try to get my internal clock set back to "real" time. I'm done with hibernating.

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