Saturday, March 13, 2010

retro saturday derailed!!

Saturdays are usually my day to check out the card store or go by the flea market to check out the card selection. Recently I've been pretty busy so I haven't had the chance to really do any leisure activities, but this Saturday I was looking forward taking the day off to look around for old cameras, books and cards. The flea market was lame and the one card shop guy was closed for inventory. Crap!! Why close on a Saturday for inventory when that should be the day that most everybody goes out to get cards. Or at least I would assume that Saturday would be the best day for card shopping.

Anyway, with my card shopping thwarted, I had to go to the "fake" hobby shop to check out what kind of cards they had.

The "fake" shop is a place called Vintage Stock which I believe only has locations in Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas. It's a used CD, DVD and game store that also has a limited selection of cards and comic books. Over priced cards and comic books.

I needed to satiate my need for cards so I picked up some random packs of stuff.

First off is the Garbage Kid Flashbacks. I didn't know these existed until last night when I read Dayf's posts here ,here, and here.

These are pretty cool. Vintage Stock also has the GPKs from the eighties too, but they are stickers as well as the new ones. I'm not much of a sticker guy. I'd rather have the regular cards instead.

The packs contain 10 stickers and I pulled 4 parallels in my pack.

and two stand alone cards:

These are the Where are They Now? cards.

pretty cool. Sort of like a When they Were Young insert set, but a little more interesting and not so cute. A little creepier take on the Topps flagship set.

I know that I'm not going to try for the Heritage set. Or for that matter any of the Heritage sets. I like them all actually, but I don't really want to actively collect the set, picking up a random pack here and there is cool for me. Having said that, I needed to grab at least one pack to see what they're like.

First up is Okmulgee's own Ron Gardenhire.

Pretty cool for a manager card. It's not a faux vintage miscut card. I just scanned it funny.

I like Ichiro.

I think he's a favorite of a lot of collectors. I have seen "variations" of this card all over the blogs, and by variations I mean why do card companies reuse the same darn photo year after year. I've seen this pose on many different cards. I don't have any of those cards so I guess this'll be going in the binder.

A sleepy frenchy.

It says on the back that after the trade he led the Mets in HRs, doubles, runs scored and RBI's. I'm not sure how big of an accomplishment that was considering,but anyway. "welcome to the team!"

And of course a chrome of a Texas Ranger.

By my estimation I have pulled about 7 to 8 chrome cards and three of them have been Rangers. I'm a Ranger magnet.

Not a bad pack of cards though.

I didn't get much in my two hobby packs of 2010 Topps. This was my first chance to pick up hobby packs of the flagship. I was hoping the odds of pulling something cool like a million card giveaway or the Legendary Lineage cards would be better.

I didn't pull any Million Card giveaway cards, I did pull an LL card that I've had my eye on for a while.

Jose is out for 2-8 weeks with a hyper thyroid problem. I don't know what that means, I just hope he's healthy. I want to watch that guy get busy this year.

Another Met in the pack. This time a backwards Piersall. This is also a really nice insert set. It also sort of fits in to the retro theme today.

Here's a card that doesn't fit in to the retro theme, but I wanted to show it off anyway.

A nice horizontal Kershaw card.

Now for some retro football in the form of Topps Mayo.

This guy had a pretty interesting life.

He has the nickname of "The Father of the American Prohibition." He also was captured in the Spanish-American war and held prisoner for a month in Cuba. According to wikipedia he was a Victorian era Richard Dawson, stopping to kiss admiring young women during speaking engagements.

This was probably the biggest hit of the day.

A Harvard back mini.


Of Joe Namath. That's cool. I like Broadway Joe. I have this base card, but until now I didn't have the mini.

Alright, I guess that's it for now. In two days it will be time to try and get my Million Cards sent to me. I'm mainly looking to get my lone vintage card sent to me. a 1971 Skip Pitlock.

Thanks for reading.



I'm not really into football much, but nice pull on Namath.

Jeremy said...

Thanks. It's a pretty sweet card.I was kind of surprised at pulling that one.

beardy said...

We don't like Joe Namath in Baltimore, but that is a really nice card. The post makes me want to go to the card shop. Must wait till Monday.


Jeremy said...

I know what you mean, it makes me want to go by again tomorrow and grab a few more packs to see what I pull. I just know I won't have that kind of luck again.

Play at the Plate said...

I've got a stack of cards started for you. I'll add more to it when I get back from vacation. I'd love to pry those chromified Rangers off you.

Jeremy said...

Okay. The Rangers are yours. This one will go into the stack with some other stuff I have set aside for you.