Friday, March 12, 2010

trade with wicked liquids

I recently I completed a trade with Wicked Liquids. Actually I guess I shouldn't say recently. It's been a while since he sent some stuff over. I've been crazy busy and haven't had the time to post much. I have just enough time to read over the blogs then get back to work.

Anyway, Wicked Liquids guy is a football and baseball collector like me. Unlike me he went to the University of Texas at Austin. To those of you who don't follow college sports that's the polar opposite of my university which is the University of Oklahoma. That's our biggest rival. I'm not sure how they feel, maybe Texas A&M is their big rival? Anyway, I won't hold it against him. I hope he doesn't think ill of me. He didn't bip me so that's a good sign.

Cool! I'm really hoping I don't get bipped as I don't really have enough ammo to re-bip someone.

Wicked is close to pulling off completing the entire Goodwins and Ginter sets with relics, autos; the whole shebang! I'm envious. I wish I had the means and interest to pull off the entire set. Who knows, maybe one of these days I'll finish it up.

Anyway, he sent me a bunch of stuff. Most of it I hadn't seen before. That's the best stuff. No kidding. I really don't mind a bit of random in my trades.

He sent some 2009 Rookies and Stars.

I love Peyton and Reggie.

My first SP Threads card.

I hate to sound stupid, but is this a die cut?

I ask because it's got the weird funny border on top.

Some base SP. Did I mention I haven't seen these before?

They're really beautiful cards. These are marked SP Rookie Edition even though the players on the cards aren't even remotely rookies even more. I'm guessing it's because the players were high round draft picks out of college? I'm too lazy to look it up.

Carson Palmer. I'm pretty sure he was ranked highly coming out of USC in 2002. He started the current trend of Trojan QB's taken in the first round.


A Vince Youn... Hey wait a second!!!

Hmmm. Marvin snuck a Longhorn in my pack! I really like these horizontal cards. The position surrounded by a little circle on the left of the card is nice.

Here's some more SP. This time a regular base set card?

I love the look of these. This will go nicely in the Aaron Rodgers binder.

... a bunch of Topps Mayo for my set needs.

I love the college game so much more than NFL. Of course that's mainly because I live in a college town and we have no NFL teams to root for.

That's why I get excited when I see college uniforms depicted on cards.

Some cool UD Football Heroes cards. I've seen these on the blogs and Joe from Priceless Pursuit sent me A.D. cards from this set.

These are the first that I've seen with the Legends logo on the side.

They've got nice write ups of the players on the back instead of stats.

These cards are shiny!!!

Whoo hoo!

... and finally the cards that I commented on wanting in the first place.

I almost forgot about these cards. They got lost in all the other stuff he sent over.

I really like the Ryan Grant card. He's a pretty good RB for the Packers. Juaquin was a WR at Oklahoma that was a lot of fun to watch. My favorite play of his was in '09 against Texas Tech in Norman.

The clip shows two different angles on the catch and yards after catch. This is a pretty decent example of why he was fun to watch. Not crazy exciting, but he did this type of stuff a lot it seemed.

Cool. I love all the cards. Thanks again Marvin. Sorry it took me so long to send my package over to you. (and do a trade post).

Thanks for reading.


Mark's Ephemera said...

Die cut, yes. Nice cards, yes. Good post, yes.

Jeremy said...

Thank you sir. They are pretty cool cards.