Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Go PACK Go!!!

I didn't have a chance to post up my feelings on the Super Bowl until now. I'm really glad the Packers won. I have been a fan of there's for years and I think it's really cool that they won especially Aaron Rodgers.

I was going to show off all the cool Packers cards that I had pulled or had have had other bloggers send over to me in trades, but I feel like it's too late now.

I will however take this chance to show off some cool cards from my trade buddy Cameron over at Reds and More....

We've traded a few times now and he always seems to find some really nice cards to send over.

In honor of the current Super Bowl champs here is a card of Ryan Grant. A really nice player who missed out on the super bowl run this year as he got hurt in....

This is one of the few cards that I own that I immediately know that it depicts a game that I actually watched on TV. How crazy is that? Not too crazy when you think about it being a play off game. Playoff games are a little more memorable, especially when the person on the card starts off the game with such a horrible performance only to end the game breaking a few franchise records.

This was his first playoff game and things were a little rocky at first. He fumbled twice which led to two Seahawk touchdowns. Down 14-0 the Packers would rebound and win 42-20.

Grant would finish with 3 TD's and 201 rushing yards and the Packers would score 42 points which were all franchise records.

I remember how in his two turnovers and later throughout the game his teammates kept cheering him on. It's one of the few times in an NFL game where I saw professional players pat someone on the back and look genuine doing it. They really seemed to care for each other as teammates.

A guy who did play and came up with some big plays was Greg Jennings.
His catch on 3 and10 in Green Bays territory set up a nice first down conversion when we needed it. The Steelers had cut it to a 3 point game by that time. He had 4 catches for 64 yards and two touchdowns.

Keeping with the football theme here is a nice card of former OU receiver Malcom Kelly. He plays for the Redskins. Sorry to say this, but I don't think the Redskins are going to be seeing the post season any time soon. Hope that doesn't offend any 'Skins fans, but I can't see it happening. I really like these Score inserts. They're much better looking than the base cards.

Cam sent over a bunch more cards, but I wanted to show these three off only. The rest were really nice too, but that's a lot of scanning and writing for me these days.

And lastly GO PACK GO!!! I'm pretty happy that a team that I root for got to the big game and won it.

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