Friday, February 11, 2011

My first sketch card pull!!

Still no hobby packs of 2011 topps baseball at one of the hobby shops. So I decided to pick up some random packs of goodness.

I haven't bought any non-sports cards in a while so I bought a pack of Star Wars the Clone Wars which is apparently based on an animated TV show. I didn't realize that as I picked up the pack.

The base cards are a little lame, but the sketch card is pretty nice.

I'm guessing it might be a reproduction of a sketch card and not a true 1/1 sketch card. I tried looking at the texture of the card to see, but I couldn't tell.

The back wasn't much help either,but at least it has a real on card auto. I did a little sleuthing and came to the conclusion that it was a Brian Rood auto.

The only problem I have is that I have no idea who the character depicted on the card is supposed to be. I don't watch the show so I'm at a loss as to who this could be. If anybody out there has a clue please let me know.

The odds for these sketch cards fall 1 in every hobby box, so I guess I did pretty well for my one and only pack that I purchased. If I liked the base cards more I would go back and grab some more packs.


Colbey said...

That sketch looks to be Aurra Sing - a female bounty hunter

Jeremy said...

Awesome! Thanks. I did a google search and you're right. I guess I wouldn't have killed me to youtube a video and find out for myself. I didn't think of that though.

Cameron said...

That's cool, when I first saw the backside of that card I thought it was an autograph of the guy that was Bossk in Empire, which would have been a lot cooler (to me).

Jeremy said...

OH no, but that would be nice too Cam. Any auto from an actor from any of the first three movies would be great.