Thursday, February 3, 2011

My own Private Rainbow.

I never really had any desire to do the "Rainbow Thing". I've seen some other bloggers go after a particular player or players and they would try for the different parallel borders of a player's card. Bowman seems to be the most obvious choice for this type of thing as they have so many different bordered parallels running through the set. I don't think it's necessarily a bad or weird thing to do, it just wasn't for me.

Up until now that is.

I have my own little "Rainbow" that I've been working on, but unfortunately it has hit a little snag in the form of an unscrupulous Ebay seller that refused to send me the next to last piece in my rainbow.

I had bid and won a relic from the 2008 A&G set, but she never sent it over. At least I got my refund, but I really was hoping to get that piece to my rainbow. I want to eventually get all the Allen and Ginter relic cards of David Wright from 2006-2010.

Instead of focusing on the negative and crying about what I don't have I thought it would be better to continue on with the post and show off what I have accomplished so far.

As you can tell from the scan you can see the obvious rainbow of the different color borders.
David Wright relic cards from 2009, 2007 and 2010. Not a huge difference in 06 and 07 or 08 and 09 as far as the borders go, but when I put the three relics together I noticed that....

...the jersey swatches are all a different color too. Wish I could be lucky enough to grab a swatch with stitching, but I'm still pretty excited to have at least three different color combinations on my three David Wright relic cards.

Looking at the back I was a little surprised that the 2009 card was the 2 variation (AGR-DAW2). This seems to be the most common of the relic cards on ebay and I'm wondering if the two cards have different photos on the front.

I think my favorite of the four has to be the 2007 card. It's my one and only 2007 relic card. I've been wanting to go after getting a relic or auto from the 2006 or 2007 set simply because I wanted an example of one of the white border cards.

Looking at the details in the relic windows and the way the fonts and borders are built around these relic cards makes me yearn for next years Allen and Ginter set. I'm pretty stoked about the new Topps series one hitting shelves, but I still look forward to A&G mostly.

Thanks for indulging me in showing off my relics in another Allen and Ginter post.


Nathan said...

Very nice...good luck on completing it. I think I may try the same thing (but with a couple of different players)

Jeremy said...

You should start up a blog Nathan and show off the cool stuff that's in your collection.

Collective Troll said...

very nice!!! I have chased a rainbow or two in my day, it is exhausting! Congrats on a nice trio of swweeet cards! Go Sooners!

Jeremy said...

When I was writing this I was primarily thinking about three bloggers. You, Chris at Budget Baseball Collecting and Carl Crawford cards. All Rays fans and all doing the rainbow collections. Interesting. I know fans of other teams do that too, but I couldn't think of any offhand.