Sunday, November 15, 2009

final packs of Highlights and Updates

I'm going to leave this post as short as possible. I have some more exciting stuff to show later, plus I've been crazy busy, so I'm going to leave most of the post to the cards and not muddy it up with boring words.

Some of these Ring of Honor cards look kind of neat. These two are ones I'd like to keep, the rest I've pulled are going on the trade block soon.

This is my first auto I've pulled from the Topps flagship.

I remember this guy from this card. Actually I'm only familiar with his brother. The card is kind of nice though. The sticker is a little off center, but still okay. Maybe I can finally find a Diamond Backs friend who might want this.

The Propoganda cards are great! I might have to finish this sub set.

Cool grainy night shot. I like how in these night shots the light hits the bottom of the stands brighter than at the top. A nice graduated background as a contrast to the player in his colorful uniform.

It funny that most of these ToppsTown cards are laughable, except when you pull a player that you actually like. I'm hoping that any kids that are collecting today have fun redeeming these online.

This is my first black border card.

These cards are all numbered to 58.

Wade Boggs in a Rays uniform. Cool. I pulled the SP of him in a Red Sox jersey.

Alright that's all for now, hopefully I can post the other cards I'm interested in trading away. Thanks for reading!

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