Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm swearing off corn!!!

That's right, from now until oh about November 2011 I'm swearing off corn. No cans of corn, no corn on the cobb and sadly, no popcorn. That's going to be a hard one to give up because I really like popcorn.

After going to Nebraska this weekend I'm not sure if I can look at corn the same way. Actually after seeing my team look like they've never played college football before, I'm not sure I can look at them the same way either.

Don't get me wrong the Corn Husker fans are the best in college football.

They even have a sign outside their stadium to remind them.

My dad looking at my awesome parking spot. We were about 20 yards next to the stadium. You can see part of the stadium in the upper left corner.

I really loved hanging out with the fans before and during the game. They were some of the most well behaved and awesome fans to tailgate with before the game. They were knowledgeable about football and their team, our team, everybody's team. Of course theirs always going to be a few yahoos that don't know how to act, but it was a good experience overall.

Before the game we had hung around on campus and went to the natural history museum.

It was cool. Lots of neat stuff.

These butterflies immediately reminded me of Goodwin Champions and one of the reasons why I was so hot for these cards when they came out.

I need to pull one of those butterfly redemption's. Redemption is an ugly word these days, but I think Upper Deck is doing much better in that department.

Darwin was really into beetles. Lots and lots of different sizes of beetles.

As I mentioned before our team didn't do so good, we were able to drive down the field, but interceptions and penalties killed us. Nebraska and OU both have pretty good defenses. I think Nebraska's is better. They intercepted our quarterback 5 times in the game. They put pressure on us and were great at covering our receivers.

They had a pretty good offensive game plan too. They haven't had the offensive output that they wanted this season, so they felt playing conservative and being patient would eventually pay off for them. It did, starting with the first interception being returned to our 1 yard line. They scored a touchdown which would be the difference in the game. As it turns out, it was their fourth offensive touchdown in as many games.

I had wondered why their were so many balloons in the stands.

Now I know. When they score a touchdown, they shoot off all of their.... balloons.
Kind of strange, we shoot off fireworks in Norman, they shoot off balloons.

Seriously the entire Saturday felt like I was in bizarro-world.

If I recall correctly their quarterbacks were 4-9 for like 39 yards or something crappy like that. They had two big runs on offense and that's about it as far as their offensive production goes.

We had our chances to even the score, but we only made 1 field goal out of 4. That's right, he missed 3 field goals and we went for it on fourth and one twice only to convert once.
The conversion we attempted is the one that burns me.

I'm not sure what you call the play. It's a mis-direction run play. Sort of like a toss sweep where everybody sweeps to one side and instead of handing off or tossing to the RB the quarterback flips the ball to the other running back going to the other direction and he is left alone on the opposite side. The problem with this play last Saturday is that we didn't set it up with any rushing offense.

We were able to move the ball decently with the pass, but we didn't run very well. Nebraska knew this of course, unfortunately our own coaches didn't realize that a call like this wouldn't be successful and tried it anyway.

Nebraska committed 8 guys to this play and three of them stayed home and basically it was three against one. We were stopped for a two yard loss. This was after we had missed two field goals.

We first used this play in 2004 with Jason White as our quarterback and Adrian Peterson as our running back. I think we debuted it against Texas. With A.D. as your RB, he's going to get yardage pretty much no matter what. He has speed, size and the ability to make something out of nothing. Our current guys are good, but they're not that good. Nobody is. Plus we didn't help him out at all. The crowd went nuts and I felt it was out of reach at 7-0. I mean, not scoring when we have so many chances really is frustrating.

The final score was 10-3. If only we could have made those field goals. So sad that I'm praying for field goals. This was the first time we haven't scored a touchdown since 1998.

Oh well, hopefully this will toughen these guys up for next year. Because of Big XII scheduling we don't play Nebraska every year, so it looks like I'm going to waiting a long time for my corn. That's not to say we'll beat them in 2011 either, so maybe I'll have to swear off corn for the rest of my life. Thank goodness I'm not swearing off beef because of our losses to the Longhorns. I'd starve!

Hopefully we can rebound next week against Texas A&M. At the very least we can see a good band at halftime. The Fighting Aggie Band is legendary and is really a sight to see.


Collective Troll said...

As always great pics, and an AMAZING story! My son isnt going to OU this year, so I am not a Sooner super fan, but I love reading about them and I do quietly root for them... I liked the title, but maybe you don't have to swear off corn, just the act of husking it...Great post my friend!

Jeremy said...

Maybe you're right, I should just swear off ears of corn at the grocery store so I don't have to become a corn husker. Ha ha.

I'm rooting for them as always, but it's a lot harder to get up for the games when they suck so bad. Hopefully they'll improve soon, the seasons almost over.