Monday, November 30, 2009

Recovering Waxaholic

I've been so busy with work and football I haven't had a chance to post my trade with Brian at Waxaholic. Sorry, dude. The cards were cool and he sent me a bunch of unopened packs of what some people call "junk wax". I don't like to use that terminology in my house: I feel that all wax is cool in some way or another and shouldn't be refered to as junk. In my case cards from the years that I stopped collecting are all new to me, so it's the first time I've seen cards with these designs.

These don't scan very well. A nice piece of history in a square mini card.

I like how the players are cut out and placed against the blue background.

These cards are from 1991. That doesn't seem so long ago, but it still makes me feel kind of old. 1991 shouldn't look so dated should it?

J.R.Reid with a Kid and Play haircut that was all the rage back then.

I used to be a Reggie Miller fan.

"K-Man"! When I say that out loud it always reminds me of Jerry calling Kramer "K-man."

These cards are a little dorky. Bo knows rifles! Or maybe Bo knows how to make me cross eyed. I wonder what the idea was behind the crazy lines shooting out at us?


A couple of cool Mets.

Micheal J. Fox... Wait. Nope some other dude. This guy looks like me all through the eighties and early nineties. I think I wore that exact same uniform every day. White tennis shoes, worn out jeans and a red polo shirt. Come to think of it, I still pretty much dress like that now. I don't have the time to spend playing Donkey Kong though. I would freak out if I found an actual arcade somewhere. I guess I'll have to settle for playing my Playstation 2 if I have an itch for video games.

Cool cartoon card.

Delgado mini. Nice!! I have the base and now the mini. I'd like to chase all the Mets from Goodwin.

Thanks again for the cool cards!!

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