Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Trip to the hobby store

It's kind of funny, I never would imagine doing a blog post about any other purchase except trading cards. Possibly camera equipment, but not really. I don't think many people would be interested in the differences between a 50mm 1.4 lens as opposed to a 50mm 1.8 lens. Maybe I should do a blog post sometime on why I picked that particular lens and why I like certain lenses over others, but not now.

I just have this urge to show off random cards that I've picked up at Walmart, Target and the hobby shops. I've never gone to the shops to buy singles. It's always packs, blisters or blasters for me.

I guess the reason why I don't buy singles right now is because as a new collector, I still get excited to just open packs. I'm not necessarily looking for hits. In some cases I'm looking for some base cards or inserts to try and fill some needs, but mostly I'm just curious as to what I'm going to find in my packs.

This weekend I had a chance to go over to the "Fake" hobby shop to see if they had any Topps T206 or maybe some Heritage or Mayo.

No T206 to be had, but I picked up some Topps series one. I pulled a few cool cards to go with some of my needs.

A couple of Johans!! Just joking. I did pull two of those, but I've pulled one and was sent one in a trade, so that makes 4 Johans and I don't need any more. Still kind of a cool card though.

I did pull this cool Honus Wagner..

Legends of the Game. These cards are cool. I have a bunch of these and keep pulling more and more of them. I only want to keep a handful of them. The cool thing about these inserts is that mostly they are older players and really older players. Like Honus. Who wouldn't want a "new" card of one of the most iconic collectible players?

I would. Actually I'd settle for finding my old reproduction of his classic card. Maybe I should make another trip to my parents attic.

A silk card of Collin Balester. Forgive me if I don't know who this guy is. These are neat cards. This is my first silk Topps Baseball card. The silk part is smaller than in Allen and Ginter.

I couldn't find any 2009 Heritage, but I picked up some '08's.

I pulled a cool chrome card of Tim Lincecum. One of my favorite players.
These are cool cards. I think I like them a little better than the '09's. I'm thinking the 2008's are my favorite heritage so far. I like the circle with the light colored borders.

The only cards I've looked forward to more than Allen and Ginter since I started collecting are the 2009 Topps Mayo. I think these are pretty cool.

It's not surprising that I liked these cards so much. It's obvious that they are just Allen and Ginter Football except with cooler borders around the players.

These are so much better than the desaturated depressing 2008 Mayo's. Those were too much like a German Expressionist or an Ingmar Bergman film.

I like the mini I pulled too.

A David (not Davey) Crockett. I haven't really looked over the checklist. I think the team name sake cards are a funny idea. This could turn out to be a quirky card set like Ginter, but with football as it's main theme. I'm trying to discourage myself from trying to collect this entire set. I've got too many things going right now, I shouldn't try anything new.

The good thing about Mayo is that it looks like they have done the non-studio shots better than Allen and Ginter.

Look at these cards of Derrick Ward and Dwight Freeney. You can tell that the backgrounds are supposed to be from actual scenery and not a studio shot.

But still you can see it's an artistic take on the blurry, Bokeh that you find in photography sometimes.

It's a nice look and it really makes the players stand out more, but still gives a realistic look to the card.

For what its worth, the cards are slicker than A&G too.

The Freeney card I pulled was one of the thicker cards with the silver background.

Alright. That's it for me until I buy some random discount blasters at Walmart or I feel like finally breaking down and getting another hobby box. Maybe I'd decide to blog about my other purchases at Walmart like the frozen pizza I picked up or maybe differences in fruit juices.

Thanks for reading.


Play at the Plate said...

I'd be interested in the lens post...because I love taking pictures, but don't have a clue what I'm doing.

Jeremy said...

Yeah, maybe I should do a lens post then. Actually since you like to take photos you could do a post with your photos. I like to look at people's photos too. I think everybody would like that.

AlbuqwirkE said...

Let's see, I spend my money on baseball cards and glass. Yes, you should discuss your camera equipment choices.

Jeremy said...

Okay. You guys have convinced me. I'd be ruminating on the idea of blogging about my camera equipment, so maybe I should just jump into it.

Anonymous said...

What are the odds on those cloth cards? If you like 08' heritage you should get some 1960 topps same style.

Jeremy said...

The silk cards are listed at 1:241 packs. I'd like to have some 1960's cards. I really like the circular design. I like the '09's too, just not as much. The 2009 cards are slowly starting to grow on me.