Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beam Team

I went back to the Target to see if I could pick up a few more packs of Stadium Club. The collation is kind of weird. I think some of these packs were almost completely identical. Oh well. I still pulled some cool stuff.

First off the big hit of the bunch. A Sheffield Beam Team auto. Cool. These are pretty nice looking.

I took a photo with a flash backlighting the card so that you could see the transparency of the card. I probably should have just used a small desk light instead of my other flash, but I need the practice using two speedlights at once.

I really like the Sheffield base card from this set too.

The horizontal card works really well for stadium shots. Normally I don't like shots of player's backs, but having the figure in the foreground really gives the stadium some idea of the scale of the ball park. Photos like this are cool because I can spend a lot of time looking at the different buildings and signage around the ball park. I think the Verizon logo has been removed from one of those billboards. Looks like a full house that day.

I pulled a couple of old time players. These are always welcomed in anybody's collection.

Again, another back of a player. This time Ted Williams. I like the blurry windows in the stadium behind him.

I pulled two of these Honus' (Honii?), so one of these are up for grabs if anybody wants them.

That's a lot of greenish-blue stadium walls behind Tom Seaver.

It might just be me, but It sort of looks like Pete Rose batting in the foreground. I think it's because of the hair. Ah, it can't be. I'm probably imagining things. Pete Rose would have had longer hair with some big sideburns.

I still haven't found the Roberto Clemente card yet. Maybe they'll have some blasters around here soon that I can buy. I really think this is a nice set so I might try to finish it off sometime.

So far in pretty much every pack of Stadium Club has a quite a few cool action shots.

Here is a pretty good example of Russ Martin. Another play at the play card. I really like the angle of the shot. You can see both players involved in the play and the ball is even present in the card too.

I have a nice stack of doubles and at this point, so if anybody is looking for some cards i'm going to do a post later this week with all of my duplicates and other random cards that I think people might be interested in trading for.


Roy said...

Stadium Club nailed it with this set. I've only acquired a few Rockies and Jays in trades, but this is a set I'd consider completing. The photography, as evident in the Sheffield, is exceptional.

Plus, the autographs seem plentiful. Always an incentive.

Drew said...

Sweet Sheffield auto!

Jeremy said...

It is a pretty nice set, Roy. If you needs some cards I've got dups to trade.

Jeremy said...

Yeah, Drew I really like the auto! I'm glad I finally found a Beam Team auto. The stained glass effect is cool.

Play at the Plate said...

Jeremy, I'll try to sort through mine and maybe we can help each other out some. I pulled a Beam Team of John Lackey.

Jeremy said...

Brian, that'd be cool. I still need to round up my doubles and list them. That's a good pull with the Lackey. I looked over the odds on the packs today, but I don't know which group A,B or C is.