Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Trade with the Collective Troll

Troll always delivers a bunch of cool cards in our trades. He seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to sending out trade packages.

They're all great cards, but I'm going to start out with this one.

It's card number 96 from this years A&G mini set. You guys all probably recognize this card, but it looks so much better in this fashion.

I think all the historic cards look much better with the black border. Actually all the cards look pretty awesome with the black borders.

Interesting fact about Geronimo is that he's interred at Ft. Sill which is in Lawton, Oklahoma. Any chance to insert some random facts about Oklahoma is always welcomed by me, even if irritates everybody else.

Here is the photo that they used in the making of the card.

Keeping with the historic minis is a black border card from 2008 A&G.

It's a Fredrick Douglass card. Pretty cool. He's the Underground Railroad guy. I'm sure ya'll already know that though. It's my only black bordered card from the 2008 set. Actually I only have a few of these cards from 2008 A&G. I need to go back to the hobby shop and get more packs of this stuff.

Another couple of cards from 2008 A&G:

A Delgado mini and a Brian Schneider base card. I like 2009 the best but the other years are pretty cool too. Schneider's with the Phillies now, and it looks like Delgados' out as a free agent, but still it will be nice to add these cards to the Mets A&G 08 binder page.

Seems like every UD card from 07/08 has the same color scheme: medium brown dirt/dark green grass/lighter brown dirt.

A couple of Mike Pelfrey cards.

08's a medium shot

and 09's a closer shot. both showing the pursed lips during a windup. At least he's healthy and still on the team.

Next up is a couple of Johan cards from Moments and Milestones. These are the first M&M cards I've gotten.

They commemorate 245 K's during his 2006 AL Cy Young year. Pretty cool.

I really like all Johan cards even when he's in his Twins jersey.

Trading card history Johan card.

Based on the 1933 Delong card set. One of these days I need to search out some actual vintage cards that these are based on.

He sent me over a bunch of Heritage from 2008.

I still have a few more of these to fill out the team set. Without the Troll I wouldn't have any. No matter how many packs I buy, I never seem to pull any Mets. Honestly I don't really pull that many cards from '08 Heritage that I want to keep, but I still keep trying.

Now I have almost have a binder page of cool Mets.

Now I have a hot of the presses (at least to me) high number Heritage Francoeur card...

..and an older heritage from 2007.

These have cool backs too.

The backs are mainly cartoons with captions with a small area for the stats.

Wow! Another Beltran.

This time a Masterpieces card. Goes right into the Mets binder. He had surgery last month on his right knee and will be out until at least May.

and a bunch more cards for the binder.

The Beltran goes in the A&G binder and the Johan and other Topps cards are all going in the Mets team binders.

Thanks again for the cards. It's pretty amazing that you always know and are generous to send me a bunch of cards that I need.

I'm going to leave you with this card for now. I'm going to use the front of this card for a jumping off point for another post later. Go Ra....I mean Sooners! Go Mets! Jeremy out.


Play at the Plate said...

The Troll never disappoints.

Collective Troll said...

Jeremy, I figured that you would appreciate the Geronimo card... Glad you got and liked everything. You will forever be the destination of my Johan cards. I like your post ending. Go Sooners! (I can get behind that) Go Rays! troll out.

Jeremy said...

I'm glad you noticed my tribute. I was trying to do a homage to your posts, but I didn't have it in me. But yeah, I can get behind the Rays too. I definitely liked the cards. Thanks again.