Friday, February 19, 2010

saturday vintage-random sports cards

Saturdays are my day to search out some cards to buy. Actually it doesn't have to be cards. It could be old cameras, comic books or old cards. I hesitate to use the term vintage, because some of the cards I'm interested in lately are from the 80's and 90's. I can't consider those vintage simply because I can place myself in those dates and they don't seem that long ago. It would be nice to find some truly vintage stuff like from the 70's and earlier, but that never happens when I'm out shopping.

I can't go by the flea market this Saturday, I'll be working. But I want to show off some stuff I bought a few weeks ago.

I stopped off at the flea market first in my quest for vintage, but the card guy wasn't around. Sucks to be me. I was looking for some vintage stuff and by vintage not really old stuff, but older stuff that I haven't seen before.

I did however pick up this book that seems to be there every weekend, but I've never bought.

(if anybody's wondering, I shot this at F1.6 1/80? with flash white balance with a full blue gel on the flash. I use a Canon 40d, with a 50mm 1.4 lens.)

I've skimmed over it, and it seems like a pretty good read. It'll be a nice change from the comic books and graphic novels I've been reading lately.

Since the card dude wasn't around I headed over to my card shop. I haven't been there in months and I knew that he had to have something to satisfy my random pack urge. These packs will mostly be posted over at A Pack to Be Named Later. I pulled a couple of cards that I want to keep, but mostly they aren't all that interesting to me.

I also picked up some stuff to stick in my trade packages. But I ain't scanning those either. In case they're reading I don't want to spoil the surprise.

I think after all that I only grabbed one card that I really just got for myself.

It's a 1993 Action Packed card of Shoeless Joe. He's sticking his tongue in his cheek on his follow through. These cards are kind of "spongy" feeling and are two obvious pieces of cardboard joined together.

This is only my second Action Packed card. My first was courtesy of the Pack Addict.

They don't look like a typical card from 1993 and that's why I like them so much. The double gold border seems like something from the early 80's not the early 90's.

And, of course they all feature old, great players so that also gives these cards a timeless feel.

I don't want to just post up one card so I'll show off some cool cards from the card dude at the flea market a few weeks ago.

These 1991 Score Football cards are the sketch cards that I really like. The detail in these cards aren't as good as the NFL pro set cards that I talked about here. Also they're not painted, but look like they were done with colored pencil or chalk. I can't tell.

Lots of good players.

I really like the Warren Moon card.

This is my only card so far of Warren Moon. He had the record for most passing touchdowns, attempts and completions until that Farve guy came along. Too bad the card dude didn't have any Farve cards laying around.

The McDonald's in Henryietta used to have a mini shrine to Troy. I know because that's my halfway point to my parents hometown. If I'm hungry and in a rush I always stop by there to grab someting to eat. That's his hometown.

I noticed a couple of years ago they took down all the old newspaper clippings and photos. Maybe they got tired of his play by play work. Honestly I can't tell sometimes the difference between Joe Buck and Aikman sometimes. It seems like ever since I was a kid people have been complaining about the TV or radio guys doing the play by play and color announcing. I guess it's like being an armchair quarterback, everybody thinks they could either do a better job or they want to criticize.

Cool portrait of a quarterback.

Another pretty cool card. Really not much more in this "pack" of cards from the flea market guy except these cards.

If anybody is interested in putting together the 1991 Score football let me know. I have a big chuck of cards looking for homes.

Thanks for reading as I ramble on about my random card purchases.

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