Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ebay shenanigans! Darn it!

I'm not crazy about the 2010 version of Allen and Ginter. I like it, but I'm not gaga over it like last years set. So I have held off in really trying to finish that set and instead I have shifted my focus elsewhere. I'm chasin' the Chicles both football and baseball and I want to get as much A&G from any year as I can. As much as I complained about the '08 set it's sort of growing on me. There is some good in that years set and I wanted to do some collecting in a easy and quick way. So I grabbed the set on Ebay for not much more than a blaster. He even did the shipping for free.

Little did I know that the "complete set" was short a card.
You'll notice that technically he included card 209, but it's from the wrong year.

I could tell almost immediately that there was a difference. The card back had a little different design and also was a darker color.

So yeah, if anybody has card number 209 of Clete Thomas and could spare it, I could definitely use the help.

The good thing about the transaction is that he sent along a bunch of duplicate cards. So if anybody is looking to build the 2008 set or just needs a few cards let me know.

As you can see from the photo, I have a ton of these 2008 A&G cards that need a home. There are a few other cards in the box from the random pack or two that I've bought. I haven't even thought about the states cards so there is exactly one state card in the box.

I really should email the seller. Who knows, maybe he will find the card and send it over. Maybe he didn't really have that card and was trying to pull a fast one. If anybody out there has one let me know. I'll make it worth your while.

Thanks for reading.


Play at the Plate said...

I need a bunch of those...I'll figure out what in a minute. I have the Clete Thomas I can send you.

Jeremy said...

Cool. I just made a trade with Brian for some of these cards for # 209, but I've got a lot more cards that need homes if anybody is interested.

Drew said...

I need a lot too, my new set to collect, I'm gonna try and complete all the Allen & Ginter base sets. Email me if you have a bunch to trade, I have some, no list up yet, but maybe I can get one up soon. Thanks