Friday, August 27, 2010

Trade with Drew of Drew's Cards

In the blogging world there are at least two truths about posting: Almost all cards look better than the scans and almost everybody is behind in their trade posts. I have several packages needing to be reported on so in fairness I'll start with the one received first and work my way up.

Here is a trade that was completed at least a week ago, but I'm just now getting around to posting it. Drew of Drew's cards has already posted his half of the trade so that shows how much of a procrastinator that I am.

For me the sad truth about trade posts is that I have a hard time putting into words the excitement that I get when I receive a trade package in the mail. I know that a few of the cards are going to be included in the package, but it's the extra cards that bloggers always throw in that are a pleasant surprise. I'm a little vague when telling people what I collect. I don't want to be too much of a bother and honestly I really just like getting cards. So much the better if those cards happen to be off Packers, Mets, Dodgers and to a lesser degree Yankees.

So lets start off with the non-sports cards.

Shen Kou is a scientist who wrote Dream Pool Essays, which first described the compass. WGWS7 is of course a much needed card for the Worlds Greatest Wordsmiths mini set. This set has influenced me to get out and buy some of these books mentioned on the back of these cards. I'm more into older literature anyway so it isn't too much of a jump to search out older stuff. I guess I should be frank and mention that these books probably won't get bought/read until winter time. I hate the cold and I need good reading material in the dismal cold winter months. Hopefully by then I will have finished this set.

With this card I have both Holliday minis cards. I don't care so much about the different backs. I've got a nice start to a Matt Holliday collection and this will go nicely with the other 2010 minis.

Aaron Kampman chrome. Who doesn't love chrome? I do. It's great. Nice to get a card of a lineman in action. He's actually with the Jaguars now, but the card is still cool.

This is a great shot of Donald Driver against division foes Detroit Lions. Foe isn't much of a description. The Lions almost always seem to be last in the NFC North.

A.J. Hawk returning an interception against the Chiefs in 2007. I did a little sleuthing and the Pack only played in Kansas City one time in A.J.'s career and he had an interception in that game that he returned for ten yards. Or at least I think so based on a quick scan of his stats in 5 seasons. The game was played on Nov. 4th and the Packers won 33-22.

I haven't seen much of the Packers this preseason and I have yet to watch Ryan Grant play. He's one of my favorite RBs to watch.

I don't have any of these UD Spectrum cards. They're nice and shiny and look good juxtaposed together.

Finally the always photogenic Jose Reyes.

... and yes, even though I shouldn't have to say it, the cards look way better in person than they do in the scans. This was only a small sampling of the cards that Drew sent over.

The cards were much appreciated. Thanks for the cards Drew!

Thanks for reading!


Play at the Plate said...

I'm always behind with trade packages. But that's not so bad, it means I'm making trades.

Jeremy said...

That's a good way of looking at it. Maybe I'm too much of a pessimist. I should look at the glass(binder) half full rather than empty.

Drew said...

Yeah, well it was my fault in the first place for taking a while to mail them to you, you had the cards here way before your cards got to you, which I apologize.

By the way, glad you liked them, great trade! Thanks, Drew

Jeremy said...

That's fine Drew. Waiting longer makes the trade seem sweeter or something like that. Thanks for the cards.