Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why do I still buy this stuff?

From time to time I ask myself this question. Lately I've been asking myself that question a lot while standing in front of the card aisle at Walmart and Target.

I know that I want to buy something, but nothing out there right now really grabs me. So instead of trying to exercise some sort of self-control I pick up something, anything to appease my pack ripping desire.

I grabbed another blaster of Philadelphia. This makes two times I've tricked myself into buying a blaster of this product. It sort of fits into the "stuff I don't really collect and yet I still keep buying it" category. I'm not sure how to explain it. I'm not into it, and yet I still keep buying it hoping for some reason to like it. It helps that it's now discounted 40%.

So far I've pulled two Obamas. Cool. The colors on these cards are pretty nice. If these photos were taken by Pete Souza, he's probably using a 5DmarkII. I'm not sure of the lens. I remember him using a 50 1.2 a lot when I was checking his stuff on flickr.

These two will go nicely in the binder with my political stuff.

Speaking of photographers; the card on the right highlights something else I find cool in these cards and that's the sports photographer in the background.

It also highlights the really cool horizontal shots in Philadelphia. I especially like the fact that there isn't any extra space dedicated to the name, position and team on these horizontal cards.

Here is an excellent shot of Farve in the correct uniform.

I'm so used to seeing Aaron Rodgers as a QB in the Packers uniform, I almost, almost thought this was him instead of Farve. I wasn't prepared for him to be shown in his older uniform.

That shows how disinterested I am in this set.

More historical stuff. As I write this Dwight and Micheal have both shouted "Good Morning Vietnam!" in the TV show the Office. I'm not exactly sure why. Actually I'm not sure why I'm telling you this, but it's interesting to me and it sort of relates to these next two cards.

Kind of sad that I'm only excited about the political figures and historical subjects rather than the sports stars, but I guess that's why they include them in these sets.

Any mini is a good mini in my book.

I liked Kurt a lot when he was in St. Louis. I also liked to watch all those guys around 00 to like 03. Marc Bulger was cool too. I'm hoping my guy Bradford keeps it up. He won't have Holt, Faulk or Bruce to help him out though. I don't watch St. Louis that much anymore, so I really don't know who they have at receiver or running back.

And lastly the saving grace for both blasters:

A Juaquin Iglesias card with him in an OU uniform!! Pulling a former OU player in his college uniform is the best.

Yay!! A nice action shot. He's wearing a home uniform, but there is no brick wall behind him so it's either a bowl which is highly unlikely because bowl games are usually played at night so it must be the OU/Texas game which is held in Dallas.

Their are a ton of photographers on the sidelines in this game so it stands to reason that this photo was taken from that game. Also there's a lot of burnt orange in the stands.

I also broke down and bought a rack pack and single pack of A&G. I also found a 12 card pack of 2009 A&G. I thought why not? Since I'm buying the new stuff I might as well grab an older pack for old times sake.
As far as the Ginter: I didn't pull any base, minis or NP cards that I need, but I still managed to grab a relic.

Pretty nice for retail. I think this makes 2 or 3 relics in the 12 card retail packs and like 5 or 6 overall that I've pulled from retail. Not bad. I have one or possibly two more A&G posts left in me,but I'll save those for later.

Alright. Thanks for staying 'till the end. I wish I had an alarm that I could embed at the end of the post to wake people up so they could go back to reading other peoples' blogs.


Hackenbush said...

Great post. I've only bought one pack at Target in the last couple of months, for $1.49. I did however splurge on a hobby box of 2010 Tristar Obak which should arrive in a couple of weeks. I'll be making several posts of the results I'm sure.

Jeremy said...

I'm looking forward to your thoughts on the new Obak. I'm thinking about grabbing some of those myself. I like the minor league stuff.