Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh the lure of the discounted blasters

You've probably seen the big news on all the blogs lately. Well, maybe not all blogs, but at least two of my daily reads have mentioned that the huge retail chain Walmart has a ton of old blasters on discount. Locally there hasn't been much of note in the card aisle. A little Ginter, some series two baseball. Some X something or other.

I had to stop by and see if we were so lucky here in little Norman, OK. I was really hoping to find some of those 2007 Turkey Red blasters. Turned out not to be the case. I basically had to choose between 2009 O-Pee-Chee and 2009 Topps Series Two Baseball.

I picked one of each simply because I love last years baseball and I'm still trying to finish that set as well as the 2009 Turkey Red set. I have received a few O-Pee-Chee cards in trades, but I never really saw any for sale when they were new, so I never had a chance to buy any packs.

First off the Series Two box was full of Dodgers. That was cool.

I pulled four "hits". Two gold cards and the patch card was of an old Brooklyn Dodger.

I really liked this Kershaw card last year. I still do of course. I like how it shows the pitcher, batter and ball all in the same shot.

I had almost forgotten how nice the action shots in last years set were.

This is a nice one of Kenji Johjima.

Out of the whole blaster I only pulled one base card that I needed.

A "Power Jays" card.

I also pulled a cool Pee Wee Reese Turkey Red.

This is another card I need to fill the Turkey Red binder.

Getting back to the gold cards is this nice Blake DeWitt card.

I can't believe I never noticed the scoreboard in the background. I'm not sure if there is enough info for me to try and figure out the games in the background, but it's a nice card. I'm not quite the super sleuth that Night Owl or this guy is when it comes to figuring out stuff from old photographs.

This is nice Career Best George Sisler card.

He looks a bit perturbed in this photo, but I still like it.

And now for the manufactured patch card.

It's a cool hat relic of Roy Campanella. On the back it says that it's a patch commemorating the 1955 World Series. Nice. The other patches that I've seen have all been from All-Star Games. Kind of weird.

Also, on another note I saw that Bobby Thompson had passed away today. I was just looking through my cards the other day when I came across the duplicate on an Action Packed card of his. I remember noticing for the first time that he was born in Glasgow, Scotland.

The scan looks horrible, but I like this card a lot. Here's a Youtube video of "the Shot Heard Round the World". You'll have probably already seen it, but if you haven't here it is:

Thanks for reading!


night owl said...

Wow, that's a whole lot of Dodger goodness!

If you're not married to the two gold cards or the patch Campy, I'm most certainly interested (especially the gold Kershaw).

I still have that Wright A&G relic lying around.

Jeremy said...

Yeah I can part with those. I'd love to have the Wright relic. I didn't email before because I realized that I had absolutely nothing to offer for it.

Play at the Plate said...

You definitely got Night Owl or GCRL's blaster. I'm not a fan of the manupatches, but that Campy is nice.

Jeremy said...

The Campy is probably the nicest one I've seen. I wish we had the selection that you guys have in Dallas. We suck in the card aisle here in Norman.