Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trade with BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet

I completed my first trade with Mike over at BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet the other day. He had a really nice card or two that he mentioned were up for grabs and I took him up on it. Turns out I had some stuff he needed as well so we made a trade.

He sent over a bunch of nice cards.

Yadda Yadda Yadda and I sent him some cards and that was about it.

Thanks for reading!

Hey wait a minute! You yadda yaddad over the best part!
You can't leave me hanging like that. I need some details.

Give me some details!

Alright! Alright. I've got somethin' that'll blow your mind. A pretty big assortment of Dodgers, Mets, Yankees, Packers and a Giant. Get ready for this Georgie boy!

First up Mike sent over some Dodgers.
This is my one and only Orel Hershiser card and it's a good one. Really cool pose and photograph. Love the clouds in the background. Sort of a natural Obak look to it.

My one and only Nomo card. I wasn't into baseball much in those years, so I missed Nomomania.I still like this card though. One of the nicest 97 cards that I have in the collection.

The back photos are different than the front photo. I wish they would do that more these days.

I don't normally get all excited about preseason NFL, and I haven't had a chance to check out a complete Packers game yet and I was able to watch about 90 % of the game the other night against the Colts. It was quite a game too. I can't recall when a team laid 50+ points on another team in a while. I don't keep up with NFL like I do college football, but still I think it's a little rare these days to completely blow out the other team. Wow. Aaron Rodgers almost made me forget this guy.

This is one way I'd like to remember Favre. Horsing around with teammates on the field. Pretty cool card.

Upper Deck has/had some great photography on their cards.

This is a nice white jersey card of Brian Brohm which will go nicely with another Brian Brohm card that has a green swatch. Brohm used to play at Louisville I think. I recall watching him play, but I'm not that sure about the team he played for.

I didn't forget about the Yankee cards. I'm going to post up one that I was really excited to get. I didn't know he was going to send this card over.

A Sports Royalty Goudey insert. Pretty cool card of one of my childhood favorites.

This was the card that started the trade. He had this cool Lincecum card up for a trade and I love anything with cartoons and cards. I like the Heads Up cards a lot and I'm sort of collecting any cool cards of Timmy so this will go in the binder with his other cards. I didn't realize that the Heads Up cards from 2009 were a smaller size. Pretty cool. This is the only Heads Up card that I have that has smaller cartoons and captions on the front of the card.

I'm no that crazy about the When they Were Young cards, but I still wanted two of these cards. The other was the Daniel McCutchen card that I blogged about earlier and of course this cool David Wright card. Now I'm done with the When They Were Young set.

Definitely a cool first trade between me and Mike. Hopefully their will be many more trades in the future.

AHH!! You just blew my mind!

Thanks for the cards Mike!

Thanks for reading.

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