Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Career runner up finally gets a win!

I haven't had a good history in any sort of contest whether it be popularity, athletic or academic. I've never been motivated to enter many contests until I started blogging and it seemed like every few days somebody was having some sort of giveaway or contest. I never seemed to do well in any of those contests, so I've tried to keep my expectations down when entering them now.

Beardy from the Mojo Beard was holding a National Convention contest. He was asking what his purchases were at the national and I guessed Nick Markakis 2003 Bowman Chrome.

I guess my extra motivation was seeing what he had up for contest winnings. When I saw the names: Bradford, Favre and Griffin I knew I had to pull out some extra brain power and try to win this thing.

Turns out I correctly guess one of his purchases so I got the three cards I wanted. I don't have any experience with this product, so these were the first cards that I've seen of Donruss Elite. They're pretty nice.

This will be my first of hopefully many Blake Griffin cards. I have a Panini sticker that Brian from Play at the Plate sent over, but this is my first "real" card of the former OU and current LA Clippers guard. He's from Edmond, Oklahoma.

Bradford is also a local guy who played for OU and is now doing okay as a rookie with the St. Louis Rams. Like to watch this guy. Hopefully he'll do well for the Rams. I noticed the other day that the Rams traded for former OU wideout Mark Clayton. I liked to watch Mark at OU, but haven't seen many Ravens games so I'm hoping to catch both of them playing for St. Louis soon.

I'm not big on Favre anymore because of his off field nonsense, but he's still a pretty good QB and Peterson needs a competent quarterback to hand him the ball. Notice how everything somehow revolves around the University of Oklahoma?

The three other guys in the prize lot were a mystery to me. I picked Javid Best as my backup running back in B A Benny's fantasy draft mainly because of this card. I couldn't remember anybody else and the clock was ticking. Hopefully he'll do well. I can't imagine the Lions doing anything ever, but who knows?

Thanks for having the contest and thanks for the cool cards.

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