Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You think you have it bad?

I read about this guy this morning and the headline blew my mind so much that I had to file it away in the deep recesses of my brain and for my own good I lumped it together with all the stories of Lindsey Lohan being arrested and random political douches douchebagging their way through life and I hoped that I could remember to revisit it at some point.

After some caffeine and a reminder by Colin Cowherd on ESPN radio I knew that I had to make some sort of comment on this story. Obviously I didn't report or break this story, but I think it needs to be mentioned simply because of the subject matter.

Here's the link: NPR

Most of you have probably heard some mention of it or would have heard of it anyway without this blog bringing it to your attention.

In addition to being a humbling and inspirational story wouldn't this be a great A&G card for next year? I hate to try and relate everything to my hobby, but this is so much better than some of the non-sports subjects in this years set. It might be a little gruesome for some people, but really? I mean most collectors have got to be old dudes like myself and this seems like such a positive end to a tragic story.

He said he wanted to undertake swimming the English Channel because he wanted "to inspire all those who think life is nothing but suffering."

Thanks for reading. And be sure to Google Philippe Croizon when you get a chance.


Play at the Plate said...

I hadn't heard the story until now...very inspiring and one of those people I'll think about when I think I'm having a bad day. Thanks for sharing it.

Jeremy said...

After the crappy day I've had today, I've had to reference this guy many times to tell me how easy I have it.