Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trade with Night Owl

One of my favorite bloggers and I completed a trade last month. As prolific as he is, he still managed to put up a post detailing the trade before me. Really sad. I'm not blogging much these days, but you think I could at least come up with something especially when it's specific cards that some one has sent over.

I had pulled a bunch of Dodgers that he needed as well as some O-Pee-Chee and the deal was done! O-Pee-Chee was on the downturn here in Norman when I got into collecting cards so I never had a chance to buy any packs, so I jumped at the chance when the discount blasters hit Walmart.

Being a set collector can sometimes be tough. I like certain players and teams, but whenever I see a new product or an old product that's new to me and I like it, it makes me want to own every card in that set. So I have a tendency to want to collect everything which isn't good idea. I've been pretty good lately of finding what is truly important for me to collect, but I still have a lot of sets and subsets that I'm working on. I don't think it' a big deal. I mean someday I'll probably finish those sets. But until I do I'm going to slow down and not go out and buy every new product that comes out.

Of course that doesn't apply to the discount blasters though.

Apparently I pulled a bunch of Dodger cards that blogger extraordinaire Night Owl couldn't resist.

Like me, he has a bunch of sets that he's working on and finally I found some cards in my collection that he didn't have. He's like the sultan of Brunei of card collecting.

1980 Topps baseball is a set that I've been neglecting this summer. I've been focusing on other stuff and haven't had a chance to look for any of these cards.

And a fine pair of Dodgers it is.

I really like the signature on Garvey's card. The uniform S and G is my favorite part of the signature on the card.

Stadium Club is also something I've neglected. All this Million Dollar Giveaway stuff and Gridiron Giveaway is pulling my attention to all the new products and away from the vintage that captured my attention this spring.

Not that it needs to be said again, but Stadium Club has really nice photography.

Here is a local guy Nick Blackburn pitching.

...and a former Cornhusker Joba Chamberlain. He made an appearance before last years OU/Nebraska game.

One element that I get excited about while looking at cards is to see what's going on in the background. Scoreboards always interest me, but also seeing big 400mm lenses poking out is cool too. I'm not sure if I'm going to go out and start another weird personal collection of "cards with Cameras in them" but maybe. I'd probably be the only guy doing a collection like that. No competition would make them easier to collect.

And of course the crown jewel of the trade. I had coveted this card when Night Owl pulled it out of his A&G box, but I had nothing to offer in trade at that time.

It goes great in the A&G binder. Really the only hit that I have from this years set that means anything to me. A different photo is used on these mini relic/auto cards than on the base card. I'm still not so into the red borders though. I thought by now it would grow on me, but not so much. Don't think I'm complaining I really like this card.

Thanks for the cards Night Owl!


Play at the Plate said...

Nice trade. The stores in my area that had the big display of discount blasters next to the other cards have either pulled the discount blasters or sold them all. I hope they pulled them to lower the prices again.

Jeremy said...

I haven't checked my blaster section in a while. I'm hoping to find some 2007 Turkey Reds or 2009 baseball discounted. I have this stupid theory that if I found 3 or 4 Turkey Red blasters I would get them in the hopes of trying to collect that set. It's mostly 0-pee-chee and Philadelphia around here though.

night owl said...

You're welcome.

Wal-mart still has the discounted stuff where I am. I keep forgetting to go there and pick up some OPC. But then I went to Target and got that bizarro blaster, so I'm not beating myself up too much.

Jeremy said...

Yeah I'd love to get a crazy blaster like that. I still haven't bought a blaster of A&G yet. I really need too. I can't seem to decide on Chicle, Goodwin or A&G so I don't get anything.

Play at the Plate said...

Once I get them sorted, I can send you some dupes from my 2007 TR blasters if you want them.

Jeremy said...

That'd be great Brian. I have only a couple of cards from that set right now. Whatever you could spare would be cool. Thanks.