Thursday, September 30, 2010

Calling Mr. Clete Thomas!

I've had a keen interest lately in a particular Detroit Tiger; Outfielder Clete Thomas. Until recently he's a been flying under my radar. One thing is I don't keep up much with the Tigers and Mr. Thomas has been battling an injured shoulder for most of the season.

I have a few of his cards already:

A really cool Heritage Rookie Stars of 2008 to go with my...

...even cooler Heritage ad panel of Clete with a couple o' Rays.

In my rush to put my '09 Updates in a binder I had forgotten about this gem:

A nice action shot of Thomas running to third.

In case you think I've become a Clete Thomas player collector, that's not quite true. No offense to Mr. Thomas. I think it stinks that his injury could have possibly killed his chances to stay in the majors, I'm not that keen on collecting every one of his cards. I'm just looking for one:

2008 Allen and Ginter card NO# 209. If you missed it before , I had bought a "complete" set off of Ebay but it was missing this one card.

Thanks to Brian from Play at the Plate I can finally put Mr. Clete Thomas in his rightful place in between Bruce Jenner and Carlos Lee. You can tell from the scan that Bruce is super excited to see Clete, but Carlos is a little bit more subdued in his reaction to Mr. Thomas sharing a binder page with him.

That's not all Brian sent. In the package was a couple of players that I am really interested in getting every card made of them.

These two cards have eluded me all year. The awesome action shot of David Wright doing what he does at the hot corner.

And an even better shot of not one, but three priceless expressions on one card. The main subject Reyes is obviously showing a lot of emotion and is the focal point of the card, but look at the umpire and the Marlins player's leg up in the air. Not to mention his shocked expression too. A really nice card. I think there's something to the diagonal white baseline running through the frame and Jose's white uniform that makes the photo stand out more.

Sorry for the short post, but I love the cards. Thanks a bunch Brian. Now I can put the 2008 A&G base and SP set to bed!

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