Monday, September 6, 2010

Contest Closed! Here are the winners!

Okay. So I guess it's about time to close this baby. It's been about a week and the suspense is killing me. I got about 7 entrants which is about 5 more than I thought would enter so I guess it was a success!! Whoo hoo. I don't really feel like going through with the randomization thing since there were only 7 entrants. So everybody is a winner!!

Here are the winners in no particular order:

Captain Canuck

Night Owl

Play at the Plate

BA Benny

82 Redbirds


It's like Having my Own Card Shop

I really enjoyed reading your favorite sports memories. Thanks for entering. Now all you have to do is let me know what you'd like on your sketch card and also send me an email with your address. My email is

As promised I'll add some random packs and try to find some cards from teams that you all collect.

I just ordered some cool sketch card blanks. I haven't used these yet, but a lot of people swear by them so I think they'll work out fine.

Hopefully the card blanks will show up this week and I can get started on the sketch cards.

Thanks for reading!


Jeremy said...

I just realized that it might be easier to just email me what you want sketched rather than commenting then emailing. Whichever is easier. Also I should mention that the random packs are of various chrome throughout the years.

Captain Canuck said...

sweet. thx for the contest...

Lonestarr said...

Aww man, wish I could've found the focus/time/attention span to enter. I do hope I can get a sketch card by you in the future though. Perhaps as an art trade or something. I don't have cool personalized blanks, but I am known to do some sketch cards myself. Shoot me an email once you get the contest cards done, if you're interested.

Jeremy said...

I think that's a great idea Lonestarr. I'd love to do a sketch card for sketch card trade. I'll send an email soon.

Play at the Plate said...

Excellent! I'll shoot you another email!

BA Benny said...

Thanks for the contest. E-mail coming.

Anonymous said... ROCK! That's really cool that you made everyone winners. I'll email you. And you can bet, I'll be bragging about my sketch card to whomever will listen (and even a few that won't, I'm sure).

Jeremy said...

Okay cool. Looking forward to what you guys request for a drawing.