Thursday, September 23, 2010

trade with too many grandersons

As most of you know the new blog Too Many Grandersons hit the blogo-spere about a week or so ago and made a big splash with his giveaway posts. On a side note it makes me feel a little guilty about having a sports blog for a little over a year and still not doing a giveaway.

Unfortunately I don't think many people want a bunch of 2009 Topps baseball or 2009 Allen and Ginter base cards. That seems to be majority of my "left over" cards so I probably won't be doing an official giveaway anytime soon. I do however need to do a cheap box break one of these days. I just need to find out what I want to break.

He sent out a Gridiron code which I redeemed for this beauty:

A 1973 Chip Glass. A pretty cool card. I now need to find out if the football cards ship with the baseball cards. I have a few cool cards that I want to get shipped to me. Out of curiosity I'll probably go ahead and get all of them sent over.

I think I've figured out what the card reminds me of and that's a Mustang emblem.

I found this one that is labeled 1967 Mustang. This seems right, but I recall some sort of emblem with a forked pennant look to it. If anybody has a clue(I don't) then please let me know.

In addition to the virtual card he sent over a bunch of "real" cards. Some cards that are just cool and some cards that help me with specific want lists.

I'm down to just 10 cards to finish up the 150 card set of 2009 Turkey Red. I'm so close that I can feel it! I've gone through periods of getting discouraged with this subset, but I'm thinking that pretty soon I'll get this one done.

Gary Sheffield charging the camera.

..and I knew that I've seen this one before. One of the 5 or so short prints that I pulled out of last years product was this really nice card of Rogers Hornsby. Sadly the Turkey Red pales in comparison to the actual photograph card.

This is the main problem with the retro cards; the designers have a tendency to make it so "authentic" looking that they make it too muddy looking or a fake soft focus effect. It's hard to explain, but in my original post I felt that the Hornsby SP was a good example of how sharp and colorful an old film print can be. The Heritage line is a good example of taking a good idea and over doing it to make it look vintage and the main photo itself suffers. I can see where a new crisp photo with an old school border might look ridiculous, but it seems like a happy medium could be found.
Don't get me wrong, despite my reservations I still like Heritage a lot. Also, don't think I'm complaining about getting Turkeys in the mail. I love all the retro stuff, I just think they do every thing with a broad brush and some cards suffer a little in the process.

Okay, enough whining about my cards, let's see what else Dennis sent over.

Here's a few more cards for a set I'm trying to finish:

the 1980 Topps Baseball set.

with a great trio of players.

Joe Morgan on the other side of a mic.

I love this set. There are a lot of nice sets over the years, but I still look at this one fondly from when I was a kid.

And lastly some nice Packers to round out the package.

I hope the Packers do well this year. My Sooners look horrible and the Mets are done so I need some team that can compete for championships this year.

A nice action shot of Ahman Green.

A card depicting Favre showing his touchdown face. He seems so decisive in this photo. I wonder what happened? Soon after this card was released he seemed to have lost his confidence in his decision making ability.

Anyway, nice cards. Thanks again Dennis!

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Captain Canuck said...

you won't find that emblem on a '67 mustang... that's from the Boss years, '69-'71...