Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cards from the Hopeful chase

Justin at the Hopeful Chase blog posted up some mini trade bait last August(August! I need to get a handle on my laziness) and of course I inquired about some of the minis he had for trade.

He sent over these three 2009 Allen and Ginter black bordered minis. Out of all my collection the decision to try and collect the entire black border mini set was probably my first (and last) foray into trying to complete a big parallel set. I love minis of all sizes and colors and parallels, but this is the one set that I'm trying to complete. The other minis go into a random mini set or what has been trademarked by Dayf: the frankenset. These won't be going into a frankenset, they'll reside with their brothers and sisters in the Official A&G binder. (Official because it has a blaster box top cut to fit the front and sides of the binder.)

A cool Kimball mini was included in the trade package.

Nice Jackie Robinson card. This card is from the series two of the Kimballs which of course focused on retired players. If I didn't need it for the Kimball set, it would definitely be material for the frankenset.

Thanks a lot for the minis Justin. Sorry it took so long to get the post up.

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