Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Trade with Card Anathema

Taking a break from blogging has really screwed up my trade posts. I really shouldn't procrastinate so much on showing off the cards that I receive in the mail. One package that I'm long over due in writing about came from Matt at the blog: Card Anathema

First up is a nice card of D. Wright. Hopefully a healthier year for him.

Next up is Greg Halman who was tragically stabbed to death by his brother. Really, really sad. Since I came across this card I've been trying to google the guy and see why his brother would do that. Also, he's from the Netherlands.

Speaking of which:

Jair Jurrjens. Also from the Netherlands. And a nice action shot in this post! Didn't realize that their were so many guys from the Netherlands playing in the majors.

And with Brett Sinkbeil I've got an Okie in the post too!! 2 for 2 in the nerdiness!

Speaking of which, Hometown Heroes is one of those insert sets that has gotten out of hand. 100 cards in the subset is too much of a good idea. Actually there are only about three or so of these cards that I want. I pulled the David Wright card earlier, thanks to Matt H. I have the Kemp. Still haven't been able to pull the Holliday yet. Maybe I'll just pick it up online and punt on that set.

I like the Floating Fortress idea, but it was better done in mini form in 2008 Topps Mayo football. At least in my opinion it was a better looking set. The black borders helped too.

Thanks for the cards, Matt. Sorry it took me almost a year to get around to thanking you.

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