Sunday, May 20, 2012


Watching the fourth game between the Thunder and Lakers and I felt like I was watching ice skating rather than basketball. Roughly 5 times I noticed players for both teams slipping on the court and not even on the painted part. The announcers mentioned something about ice. I guess there is some hockey or ice skating going on this time of year?

At halftime it looked like Westbrook wasn't doing too well. He slipped right before half, but at least walked to the locker room.

For those of you who didn't watch the game the rundown is basically like this: Tied at halftime, Thunder down by ten in the third and down by 9 in the fourth. A little more defense and some rebounds and with about 13 seconds left in the game they went up 101-98 on a Kevin Durant three.

That's about it. Or at least the quick generalized version.

The Thunder lead the series 3-1 after the 103 to 100 win tonight. It looked like they might drop two in a row to the Lakers. I'm glad they didn't. Durant made it interesting with his two missed free throws in the final few minutes.

His free throw season percentage is .878 his postseason percentage is .846. They don't have the averages up for tonight's game and I think he only missed two of them all night. The reason why I bring it up is that he doesn't miss much. In fact, it's so odd when he misses one, much less two that it made me think that definitely we were going to lose this one.

Of course, as always he redeems himself by hitting the big threes. Especially the go ahead game winning type of threes.

While waiting for the game to start I went through some of my basketball cards. I don't have that many basketball cards, but I found a few cool ones that sort of relate to the play off teams.

So I'm going to pick one card from the collection as a representative for each playoff team.

Hal Greer played for the 76'ers in the 60's. Try to say that 6 times fast. He was a Hall of Famer and was voted one of the 50 Greatest Players in the NBA.

I traded away all of my Celtics cards so this graphic will have to do.

76er's and Celtics are tied 2-2.

I picked this one of Blake because I'm sort of collecting him and he's one of two Clippers players that I'm even aware of. The other being Chris Paul. I only have Chris Paul Hornet cards so he didn't make the cut.

I have no idea who Manu Ginobili is, but he sounds delicious. I picked this card because of the huge bandage across his nose and he also makes me hungry. I came across a Tony Parker card, but I'd rather have one of his ex-wife. I wonder if there are any Eva Longoria cards?

Between this card and those New Era commercials where they mention deep dish pizza I'm starving. I'll have to celebrate this post with some bread sticks and pizza from Pizza Hut.

Spurs lead the series 3-0 against the Clippers.

I recall Reggie when I was in college. Occasionally I would catch one of his games on TV.

I'm not even sure if Micheal Beasley is even on the team anymore. I remember him from his playing days at Kansas State. I think it was literally days and not years as he only stayed for a year and then went pro.

I couldn't find any Lakers cards of current players on the roster, so I picked this one of Magic. A card of Kareem would have been nice. Especially if he were wearing those cool glasses.

The Thunder lead the Lakers 3-1.

That sounds so nice! I'm hoping we can close them out tomorrow night in OKC.

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