Friday, May 11, 2012

Sandy Sketch

I'm not sure if I have covered this before, but I wanted to do a sketch card post for a while. I finally have some free time now, so here is one of my Sandy Koufax sketches.

I think the color is a little off, but I like the composition and I think it sort of looks like him. So overall I like the way it turned out. I need to do another one with him in a Brooklyn Dodgers uniform.

I based the drawing on a book I was reading by Jane Levy.

Pretty cool book. If you have chance to check it out and haven't already, it's a pretty good read.

Alright then. That's about all I got today. Thanks for reading (if you are). And have a good weekend.


The Lost Collector said...

It looks great. I am so envious of your ability to do faces.

Jeremy said...

Thanks man. I like drawing faces so I practice it the most. The more you do it, the easier it becomes.