Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Consolation cards from My Cardboard Mistress

Recently I got a consolation prize in the mail. Funny thing is, I didn't lose a contest. At least not personally. Spankee was nice enough to send some OKC Thunder cards to me as a consolation for the Thunder losing in the NBA finals. I sent him some random set list wants that he was looking for and a trade was born.

Times like this I wish I had more to send a guy in return sometimes. I'm hoping that trade karma is working in my favor. In this case it definitely seems to be working out for me as he sent me a lot of cards that I didn't have. I don't buy a lot of basketball. Mostly it's baseball and football and the roundballers get over looked.

First off I need to mention the calling card shown at the top of the post. The Burdick mini card. It will go nicely in the other calling card and sketch card binder pages that I'm amassing. It's a little too big for a mini page, so it will go in the 9 card page.

First off Spankee had a nice idea for the NBA playoffs; he did a pack break before every play off game. He scored every pack and the Thunder did quite well. I have only bought a few basketball packs, but I rarely pull any Thunder cards.

I actually have a decent amount of 2009 Pannini, but I only pulled one. The cards themselves are okay. The D.J. White is the nicest one. It's like he's inflating himself to get to the basket. The two Clippers are relegated to standing by and watching.

Sefolosha and Collison are both nice bench players. I've been aware of Collison since his days at University of Kansas.

Desmond Mason has been retired a couple of seasons now and was a member of the Oklahoma State basketball team.

I didn't realize he was as old as he is. He was the first player in Supersonics history to win the slam dunk contest in 2000.

It's so funny that I'm actively collecting a former Texas Longhorn. As long as they he isn't in a burnt orange uniform I'm okay with it. Come to think of it I also like (and would like to collect) Cat Osterman. She's pretty cool. For some reason I like Earl Campbell. I don't know why exactly. I think it's because a few years ago I read that he was in ill health and that bothers me when older athletes show their age. If you search for Earl Campbell on Youtube I'm certain you'll find a video of him in the Cotton Bowl with 11 different OU players draped all over him as he runs over, around and through our entire team. Yikes! I don't want to see that again, but you can look for it, I'll wait. I'll have nightmares if I watch that video again.

I don't mind the Seattle Sonics logo though. I really like the gold and green color scheme. Very Green Bay Packersesque.

I kind of wish that we could have kept that color scheme with the move to OKC, but I understand the logic of creating a new color scheme with the new logo and name.

Thanks very much for the cards and thanks for reading.


Spankee said...

Glad you like them!

Jeremy said...

Thanks again.