Sunday, July 22, 2012

Player collection Conundrum- Trade with Fuji son

A few months back Fuji put out a call for cards of old A's, Giants and some other random cards for his student's and for his own personal collection.

I'm always looking to weed out some of my duplicates.(aren't we all?) so I offered to send him some stuff. I inquired about some Adrian Peterson cards that he had. I wasn't so interested in the parallels he had listed on his trade bait page, I was just looking to round out my A.D. collection.

He sent over a bunch of cards for my collection. After the trade I had to rearrange my binder pages to accommodate the new cards. My player collections are always evolving because I don't know exactly how to display them. Without a complete checklist at my disposal I usually just wing it.

I started by putting the cards by year and then by manufacturer.

I then started to arrange the pages by retro, shiny or base cards. I'm still not exactly sure what I want to do.

I also like to have the cards of A.D. in his OU uniform separate from the ones in a Vikings jersey for some reason. If he ever plays for another team I'm sure I'll have to separate those out too.

It's actually a pretty cool problem to have. I'm always looking for former OU players, but especially Adrian. I never did a proper post on Adrian, but I mentioned a little of why I collect him here. The linked post switches gears a bunch, but at the bottom is a mention of the 2007 Fiesta Bowl.

I need to do a proper post about that season one day.

Getting back to collecting; I really actually do like collating and arranging my collection. It's a fun way to go over the nice cards in your collection. No need to leave them in a binder or top loader gathering dust somewhere.

A.D. needs to breathe! You can't let a thoroughbred stay couped up in a boring binder.

It's so nice that all of these cards that Fuji sent over have Adrian in a running action shot rather than a forced posed photo. I'm sure there is a card out there of him posing and yes, I want it. So far most of the cards that I have are of him in an action shot.

With all these new cards, I'm trying to decide where to put the three UD cards. I actually have the regular base card which looks a lot like this First Edition version.

Pretty much the same card, but I still want it for the collection.

Which is basically the same as the Masterpieces card.

Since these are all Upper Deck cards the first two cards should go together in the UD binder page, right? But since they visually look like the third card I thought they would look cool together.

Hmmm. Decisions. Decisions. I'm thinking I should separate them out and forget about the fact they're all UD offerings and the novelty of the similarity of the photos.

Retro it is. When I fill out a page I'll keep you posted. Right now I'm only at half a page. I know you're all on the edge of your seat waiting for the eventual update to my Adrian Peterson collection.

This is another horizontal action shot card of AD and Dick Butkis. There's not many cards of Adrian in a horizontal format. The two above with the regular issue UD card is all I have in the horizontal card department. Maybe someday I'll do a page of just horizontal cards.

Thanks for the cards, Fuji. I'm looking forward to getting these all organized in my Oklahoma binder.

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