Monday, July 23, 2012

Trade with High 5 man

Justin and I completed a trade a few months ago, and in my usual fashion I'm still trying to get my trade posts out. He runs a nice blog Justin's World that covers a few different sports like softball, baseball and he's interested in getting a bunch of sport and non-sport autos. Interesting read.

He sent over some cool 2011 Topps baseball cards for me. These cards have cool subjects, but also somewhat interesting backgrounds.

This DeRosa card appears to have been taken at a Mets game. Hard to tell, but I think the players in the dugout are wearing Mets blue hats with the orange logo.

No batter in this photo, but it does have the pitcher, catcher and ball in the shot. Nice expression on Narveson's face.

I think that even in years that I'm not actively collecting the set I should just find as many team cards as I can. I'm still collecting this set and I like what they are doing with the team cards.

A pre-Angels Pujols card. I can't tell if this was taken at a Cubs or Mets game.

This card was brought to you by Caesars Palace! Another cool expression.

I've always wanted to interview or ask a guy like Neil Walker how nice it must be to play for your hometown team. It doesn't happen here much as we only have AAA baseball (OKC Redhawks) and of course the OKC Thunder, but the Thunder is pretty new to us. I don't think a local guy has played for either team. I guess the closest is when a local guy signs with one of the local college teams.

Anyway, thanks for the cards Justin and thanks for reading.

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