Saturday, July 21, 2012

Trade with Chipp 'n' Dale blog

I came across a new blog Chipp 'n' Dale the other night. He has a nice trade bait page. One card in particular stuck out to me which is the Gale Sayers mini card at the top of this post.

It is one of those non advertised retail mini inserts that Allen and Ginter was known for. I hadn't been collecting for very long when 2009 A&G was released and these cards freaked me out a little because I thought they might be some sort of fake. I really do like the idea of football subjects in A&G at least in a subset.

I grabbed the Adrian Peterson a few years ago and now this Sayers card. I'm still thinking that it would be nice to try and finish this set along with the rest of the mini sets.

James also sent over a few Mets and Packers which were appreciated as I didn't have any of those cards.

I recognized the name Carl Everett, but I couldn't remember why. It wasn't for his play on the field; it was because of his odd comments about dinosaurs and the Opollo moon landing.

I don't have many of these Attax and Toppstown cards. I'm not actively collecting them, but with this trade I think I have enough for a page of these types of cards of David Wright.

And lastly a nice card of Bubba Franks evading fellow NFC north team the Vikings.

Thanks for the trade James. Thanks for reading.

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Chunter said...

Certainly! Thank you!