Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Trade with Potch Wheeler

I've traded with Potch 2 times now. He's working on the 1981,83 and 78 sets. The first I never got around to posting the first trade so here are a smattering of cards that he sent over the first time:

As for our current trade; he sent over a lot of nice 2011 Topps and 2011 Allen and Ginter.

I won't show off any base A&G because I know most of you have seen it already.

Fulcanelli apparently had the inside track on turning lead into gold , but after WWII disappeared.

Would we have had a Brooklyn Dodgers had it not been for Granville Woods? He was interested in making the most of electricity and came up with a design for using it to power trolley cars. Hmmm.

The cool thing about these MTMtF cards are the little icon on the lower left denoting what they were famous for inventing or developing.

The highlight sketch subset has always been my favorite. I wasn't wild about some of the drawings in the 2009 set, but I always liked the subject matter and design. The concept is a cool one and usually it's about 25 cards; not too hard to complete. Potch sent over a few to help me on my way with that set.

A&G has always seemed to zombie-fie the faces a little too much in my opinion.

Here's my rendition. I think I should've done more blood splatter. I'm not so sure that the horizontal sketches should have the same border. Maybe Topps could redo the orientation on the border for those cards.

In addition to a few 2011 series one cards Potch sent over a bunch of series two. I've pretty much abandoned series two in favor of vintage and other sets.

I still need to get the Mets cards though. Here are two that I needed.

Cool action shots have become the norm for the flagship. Nice oddball photo.

Lots of emotion on these two action shots.

I picked out these two to show off the cool vintage uniforms that teams sometimes wear.

Thanks again for the trade, Potch! Hope we can trade again sometime.


Suldog said...

Thanks for the kind words over at my place, Jeremy. We dropped game one of our playoffs last night (opposing pitcher was on fire - limited us to one hit over his final six innings) so we have to come back hard Thursday or our season will be over. We're better than that, so I sure hope we get the job done.

Jeremy said...

That suck. I'm hoping Thursday was better for you guys.