Monday, July 2, 2012

The Doon abides.....

Sorry, couldn't think of a better title for this post. "the Doon abides" has been bouncing around in my head for a while. I'm hoping that I didn't rip this off from somebody else.

Anyway, on with the body of this post.

A few months ago, The Napkin Doon did one of his many auction posts and offered up some cool vintage for any takers. I'm on a vintage kick these days. I don't mind the condition either.

The first card that caught my eye was the Don Mossi card.

I've seen a few Don Mossi cards and this card is awesome. It's more miss-scanned than miss cut. 59 is a really nice set. Look at that cool Tigers logo. I wish Topps or some other company would do mascot short prints. They could replace some of the cards with the current logo and replace it with the older ones. Would that be cool? I think so.

Here's a couple of examples that I came up with.

I'm sorry that I don't know who either of these people are.

I realize that the retired short prints have the old logos, but having the new logos on current players instantly make them a lot cooler.

Alvin Dark is an Oklahoma guy and this will go nicely in my Oklahoma guy collection. Pink is actually not that bad of a background color on these 59's. Al Dark is a pretty cool name too.

I have one of his manager cards from the 1973 set, but it's still nice to have one of his solo cards from when he was playing.

59's are so nice looking aren't they?

Come to think of it I think 1960 Rookie Stars cards are cool too!

My only previous experience with this design was Heritage a few years ago.

I knew nothing about these players when I received them in the mail, but that's one of the cool things about vintage. Looking up some of the players online to see what trivia you can find about them.

Chico Cardenas probably has a bunch of stories to tell. His boyhood hero was Sandy Amoros also from Cuba. Amoros gave Leo (chico) his first baseball glove. He came to the US at 16 and played most of his career with the Reds. He retired as a Ranger.

Another cool thing about these vintage cards is the Tasby card. It's a rookie stars card and as such it's a completely different looking card than the regular 59's.

It looks like the previous owner had tried trimming the Tasby card to make it look more like a shield. It didn't work to well on the back of the card though. I think they stopped so as not to trim away the stats.

Thanks for the cool vintage. I'll be sending out some stuff to you in return soon.


Napkin Doon said...

Please do not send me anything for those ratty cards!

Jeremy said...

Okay! Fair enough. Thanks again.

Play at the Plate said...

I'll take ratty vintage over glossy new stuff any day!

Jeremy said...

I feel the same way Brian.