Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chuck Jones Topps 2008 edit

Here is another one that I really like from the set I just bought. It is of Chuck Jones from the Atlanta Braves. I like the background blur or Bokeh. It's really nice and colorful coming from a afternoon day game shot. I just can't get past the tab in the middle that messes up the cropping.

Here is the original shot.

This is what happens when you try and take a vertical and turn in into a horizontal shot. I left the tab in to show how the subject is being pushed down and swallowed into the background rather than being separated from the background. It seems awkwardly framed.

In this version I have taken out the tab and just left it as a pure horizontal shot. Which I think looks really cool especially with the Popeye expression on his face. If anybody out there is reading let me know what you think. Am I a complete hack, or am I onto something?

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