Sunday, June 28, 2009

Trade from Baseball Dad

I just got my cards in the mail from Baseball Dad. I was really looking forward to seeing what he had sent me, and I wasn't disappointed.

He sent me a bunch of cards that contained a lot of action. I won't show all the cards, just a few that I really liked.

Here is one of Edgar Gonzalez staring down the ball.

Here is a really cool shot of Milton Bradley from the 2008 Upper Deck series one.
These Upper Decks look really cool.

This is probably one of the best shots from the 2009 Topps series that I've seen. A really nice shot from behind home plate where you can see the batter and pitcher in the same shot. I really dig horizontal shots too.

Thanks again for the cool cards. As always I'm amazed by the genorosity of the card blogging community for helping a new guy out with card collecting.



Glad you liked them !

Jeremy said...

I loved them! Thanks again.