Saturday, December 26, 2009

Allen and Ginter Minis for trade

I've been a busy ebay shopper these days and I picked up a few of my needs for the Allen and Ginter minis and the Turkey Reds subset I'm working on. I managed to pick up a few duplicates which I'm now going to share with you guys.

I'm lazy so here is a big scan of all of them.

Here is the breakdown:


294 black bordered.

2(x2)71,177,260 (A&G back)285,329

I can't leave the post without showing off one of the minis that I want to keep.

I really love this black bordered mini a lot! I've pretty much got half the available parallels of the Van Gogh. I have a felling the no numbered back will be hard to get. I think the Bazooka back will be the next hardest with the A&G back the next to least hardest to pickup. I'm not sure if I'll ever get those cards, but the chase is what it's all about for this particular card.

If anybody is hunting the minis, let me know.



Nachos Grande said...

I'd be interested in A&G regular back mini #2 and #285. Shoot me an email and we'll work something out hopefully!

AdamE said...

I could use 285. What otehr Red Sox do you have to trade???

Jeremy said...

Sorry AdamE I already offered 285 to FanOFReds. I do however have some other stuff from your want lists. I'll send you an email to see if you're interested.

Play at the Plate said...

J, any minis unclaimed by others, I could use.

Jeremy said...

okay. They're all yours! I have just those two that Fan Of Reds claimed, but the rest are still up for trade. I'll set them in the pile for you.