Monday, December 21, 2009

Updates and Highlights for trade

Yeah, that's right I'm still on Topps U&H. While everybody else is all over the T206 and other products I'm still buying boxes of the Update set. I'm on my second and last hobby box. I like to drag out my ripping to make the fun last longer.

The second box wasn't as exciting as the first.

I pulled an Andrew McCutchen Rookie Chrome for my bonus pack. This one scanned really weird.

I'm not quite sure of the odds, but I pulled about another 9 Turkey Reds which is about how they're advertised. 1:4 packs.

I pulled some doubles of the Turkey Reds. Numbers 52,69,75,86,87,94,118,141. Some of those are doubles from my series two packs that I've been ripping. If anybody is needing those they are for trade.

These Legends of the Game don't really do it for me. I still have doubles of all four of these cards.

I guess that second box was a pretty good Boggs box.

I pulled two of his cards in the same box. I already have this one, so I have two up for trade if anybody wants one.

I pulled another short print. This was is not nearly as nice as the Hornsby I pulled last time.

There's something off about this card. It looks colorized or something.

The Ring of Honor subset really is hit or miss with me.

The Garvey card is okay....

...but not nearly as cool as this Campanella card...

... and even the Babe Ruth card is nicer looking. I have a feeling this one was colorized too, but it looks a better job of colorization than other cards.

These cards look so much better than when it is of a current player or depicts something more current.

I pulled a few Propaganda cards.

This was my only (so far) horizontal propaganda card. I thought they all were vertical.

These three are my duplicates for the second box.

After two boxes I'm still shy of 13 base cards: 30,33,37,40,106,125,150,157,169,200,231,238,278

I have a ton of doubles though. Some of them I've set aside for bloggers that I think will like them, but the rest are all for grabs.

I'll put all these up at some point on my other blog for posterity, but for now here they are:

These are just regular base cards. Again, at some point I'll post up the gold border cards I have available for trade too.

If anybody sees anything that grabs them, let me know and I'll set it aside for you.

Thanks for reading.


Joe S. said...

I've got a handful of the cards you need. I sent you an email with the numbers.

Jeremy said...

okay cool. thanks. I haven't had a chance to check my email. I'll email you soon

Anonymous said...

pulled an Andrew McCutchen Rookie Chrome for my bonus pack... i want it!!!

Jeremy said...

Okay Wicked Ortega, it's yours man. Enjoy.

dkwilson said...

I have 3 pf the cards on your list 150, 157 and 200. I saw that you posted on my blog, It's like having my own Card Shop about having most of what I still need for the set. Email me at so we can work out a trade. Thanks!

Jeremy said...

okay cool. I actually don't need the 157 card anymore, but I still need those other two. I'll email soon.