Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Red Hot Redemption #4

Just wanted to post a quick one about a package I got in the mail

I didn't recognize the address or the company: Tristar Fulfillment Services from New Jersey.

It was the Tommy Hanson Red Hot Rookie card from Topps.

Kind of cool. My scan's a little dark.

When I first started checking out the card blogs I know a lot of bloggers had already pulled some redemptions and were patiently waiting for them to come in the mail. I have pulled two in about the past month I think. That's one of the benefits of getting started collecting later than most, I didn't have as long to wait for the redemptions to be sent out.

If you guys are looking for yours apparently Topps is in the process of mailing them all out. I don't know why it says Tristar though.


Captain Canuck said...

everybody's getting theirs but me!!!!

I want mine!

Jeremy said...

It might take longer to get to Canada. That sucks. I'm still looking for #8 to come my way too.