Monday, December 7, 2009

Random discount blasters

In my earlier post I expounded on why I like to post up blogs on cards that I've pulled. I didn't really get to far into it, but I guess it's because I, like a lot of bloggers' live vicariously through the actions of others. Or at least I'd like to think that they do. I know I do. I like to check out the cool cards that others have pulled and base some of buying habits on products I see people post online.

In my early days of blogging, like on Myspace or whatever I used to think that the term "blogging" basically meant whining about your problems.

Have you ever heard the quote: "If you don't like it, go on the internet and cry about it?" Well, I thought that this was the main theme of blogging. Boy was I wrong. Blogging has given me a chance to talk about almost anything. I haven't truly taken advantage of that, my biggest interest in blogging at the moment is talking about my card collecting hobby.

On that note, I'd like to bore everybody with my recent trip to Walmart. Most of you probably don't even have a Walmart, or just choose to shop at Target. Good for you, if not for cards I wouldn't shop there either. Or at least I wouldn't shop there as much as I do.

I picked up some discount blasters of 2008 Leaf Rookies and Stars and 2008 Topps Series two. I haven't bought either of these before so I was looking forward to seeing what I'd pull.

The Leaf blaster had Adrian Peterson slathered all over it. It's a wonder how I've been able to resist buying more of these football blasters with his image all over them.

I wasn't able to pull any A.D. cards or even any real players that I'm actively collecting.

The blaster only contained 5 packs of 5 cards apiece. I pulled some duplicates. In one pack alone I pulled two Dallas Clark cards. I like Dallas Clark, but not that much. I also pulled a few of Vince Young.

That kind of sucks for a blaster with only 25 cards.

I pulled a relic from the first pack in the blaster, though.

It's a Lendale White jersey relic. This fits into the category of players that I don't care for and that I don't want to collect.

I sort of like the fact that the jersey is frayed at the top. I have no interest in this guy, his team or even his former team. It's still a nice card I guess, and actually all of these cards are cool looking.

Actually I didn't pull many players that I do have an interest in. I like these two guys. Hester is usually a treat to watch as a returner, not so much as a receiver.

I like that the player is featured in color on a white background. I looks a little like Star Wars to me with all the space aged designs and half tone backgrounds. Decent looking cards.

Here's another "hit". These cards look pretty cool, but again, this is another player I have no interest in. These are numbered to 249. I caught part of the game tonight and I want to say he did pretty well. I think he used to play at Florida State.

Now for the baseball blaster. Everybody is probably tired of this by now. Wait. Excuse me, I forgot I was in Oklahoma. Yaw'll is probably tired a' lookin' at muh cards by now, but I'm still going to push on.

Sorry about that. I just watched the movie Lil' Abner the other night and it's addictive. Very funny movie. If you get a chance to watch it, do so. It's a treat.

This trailer at 2:00 long doesn't really seem to show much of the actual movie or really give off any of the charm of what I liked about it. I wish I could find a better compilation of clips from the movie that give a better take on what it's like.

As a kid I was taken (kidnapped?) to the Dogpatch amusement park once. I didn't really know what the appeal was at the time. I mean we were from a small town in southeast Oklahoma and with the exception of the bight colors in the clothing their really wasn't much difference in some of the attractions in the theme park and what I grew up with in my small town. Seriously, some of the hill people around there weren't much different than what you would find in a Shorpy photo.

On a more positive note, I pulled a Mickey Mantle insert that I liked.

It's so much better than those home run cards in Topps '06!

It's because of the game shot background and the use of a decent foreground photo.

If their isn't one already, I wish somebody would do a blog called "scoreboards in the background". This card and the Hopper card from that years set would be perfect for that blog.

I have this theory that beyond getting cards of your favorite players, Cleveland Indian cards are the best looking cards produced. I don't know why, but it seems like every Indian card I pull always has the coolest action shots or posed shots.

Another example of how cool the horizontal cards are in the 2008 cards.

Another insert I pulled. Cool design.

These were in the bonus pack. I really sort of don't like these much, even though I really want to. The Jimmy Rollins is the worse. It has the potential to be so much better than the other two, but his face looks weird.

Alright that's all for now, I'll let yaw'll git back to yor rat killin'!

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